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Gemini One Hour Classic 2004 standings

Race results for Gemini One Hour Classic 2004

1.Flag Ron LangeNick RangeleyHolden Gemini Sedan
Fastest lap
1.Flag Nick RangeleyNick RangeleyHolden Gemini Sedan
2.Flag John EddyJohn EddyHolden Gemini Coupe
Pole position
2.Flag Scott JacobJohn EddyHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Nick LangeNick LangeHolden Gemini Coupe
3.Flag Benn WilsonNick LangeHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag Matt PickenRobbie WalkerHolden Gemini Coupe
4.Flag Rob WalkerRobbie WalkerHolden Gemini Coupe
Holden Gemini Coupe

5.Flag David McNabDavid McNabHolden Gemini Coupe
6.Flag Christian D'AgostinDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
6.Flag Michael DawesDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
7.Flag Troy HoeyScott SimpsonHolden Gemini Coupe
7.Flag Scott SimpsonScott SimpsonHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Dennis RigonSteve WallHolden Gemini Coupe
8.Flag Steve WallSteve WallHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Sean RoseBen SingletonHolden Gemini Coupe
9.Flag Ben SingletonBen SingletonHolden Gemini Coupe
10.Flag Scott DarraCuisine KitchensHolden Gemini Coupe
10.Flag Ben van de LindeCuisine KitchensHolden Gemini Coupe
11.Flag Daniel BowdenDaniel BowdenHolden Gemini Coupe
11.Flag Scott NicholasDaniel BowdenHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Will ClavarinoPeter LloydHolden Gemini Coupe
12.Flag Chris LloydPeter LloydHolden Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Female Kandice ButtigiegDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
13.Flag Female Rebecca GrayDawes Racing TeamHolden Gemini Coupe
14.Flag Matthew CliftPaul HibberdHolden Gemini Coupe
14.Flag Paul HibberdPaul HibberdHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Jim FanecoWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Ryal HarrisLindsay MerrittHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Lindsay MerrittLindsay MerrittHolden Gemini Coupe
Flag Cameron WilsonWilson Brothers RacingHolden Gemini Coupe
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