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74th Members Meeting Gerry Marshall Trophy 2016 standings

Race results for 74th Members Meeting Gerry Marshall Trophy 2016

1.Flag Grahame BryantChevrolet Camaro Z28
1.Flag Oliver BryantChevrolet Camaro Z28
2.Flag Gordon SheddenRover 3500 SD1
2.Flag Chris WardRover 3500 SD1
Fastest lap
3.Flag Steve SoperFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
3.Flag John YoungFord Capri Mk III
4.Flag Kerry MichaelFord Escort Mk.II RS2000
4.Flag Chris SandersFord Escort Mk.II RS2000
5.Flag Adam MorganFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
5.Flag Ric WoodFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
6.Flag Adam BrindleRover 3500 SD1
6.Flag Nigel GreensallRover 3500 SD1
7.Flag Nigel GarrettChevrolet Camaro Z28
7.Flag Stuart GrahamChevrolet Camaro Z28
8.Flag Andrew BruceRover 3500 SD1
8.Flag Tim HarveyRover 3500 SD1
9.Flag Tim MorleyTriumph Dolomite Sprint
9.Flag Antony ReidTriumph Dolomite Sprint
10.Flag Ian CowleyMazda RX-7
10.Flag Patrick WattsMazda RX-7
11.Flag Robb GravettTriumph Dolomite Sprint
11.Flag James WoodTriumph Dolomite Sprint
12.Flag Raphaël de BormanFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
12.Flag Pierre-Alain ThibautFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
13.Flag Michael CaineTriumph Dolomite Sprint
13.Flag Anthony RobinsonTriumph Dolomite Sprint
14.Flag Chris SnowdonAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6
14.Flag Nick WhaleAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6
15.Flag Peter ClementsFord Escort Mk.I RS2000
16.Flag Adrian ReynardRover 3500 SD1
16.Flag Riorden WelbyRover 3500 SD1
17.Flag Paul PochciolFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
17.Flag Frank StipplerFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
18.Flag Adrian BarwickMini 1275 GTBMC 1.3
18.Flag Paul O'NeilMini 1275 GTBMC 1.3
19.Flag Pantelis ChristoforouFord Escort Mk.II RS2000
19.Flag Theo PaphitisFord Escort Mk.II RS2000
20.Flag David ClarkChevrolet Camaro Z28
20.Flag Matt NealChevrolet Camaro Z28
Fastest lap
21.Flag Stuart CaieFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
21.Flag Jochen MassFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
Flag Gerhard BergerBMW 530i
Flag Ken ClarkeTriumph Dolomite Sprint
Flag Mark FowlerFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
Flag Mat JacksonTriumph Dolomite Sprint
Flag Andrew JordanMini 1275 GT
Flag Mike JordanFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
Flag Peter MallettRover 3500 SD1
Flag Tiff NeedellRover 3500 SD1
Flag Emanuele PirroBMW 530i
Flag Nick SwiftMini 1275 GT
Flag Michael WhitakerFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
Flag Mike WildsFord Capri Mk.III 3.0S
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