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Formula Vee 1600 Australian Nationals 2018 standings

Race results for Formula Vee 1600 Australian Nationals 2018

1.Flag Michael KinsellaJacer F2K10Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Dylan ThomasRacesahStinger 015ixVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
3.Flag Aaron LeeAaron Lee MotorsportJacer 99Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Fastest lap
4.Flag Aaron PacePace DrillingJacer F2K9Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
5.Flag Darren WilliamsSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
6.Flag Austin PearsonJacer F2K7Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
7.Flag Daniel ReinhardtJunior Racing DevelopmentSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
8.Flag Jake RoweSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Fastest lap
9.Flag Curtis PorterJacer F2K8Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
10.Flag Simon PacePace DrillingCheckmate JP015Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
11.Flag Gary OgdenTeam CorsicaCorsica RCO-14Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
12.Flag John McDonaldJacer F2K17Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
13.Flag Geoff BennettGB RacingJacer F2K4Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
14.Flag Rod LissonLiTech SystemsSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
15.Flag Garry HookSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
16.Flag Davin FieldSpectreVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
17.Flag William PymPym MotorsportJacer F2K3Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
18.Flag Leigh PorterJacer F2K6Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
19.Flag Ashley CliffordJunior Racing DevelopmentSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
20.Flag Andrew MurdochRacesahStinger 014ixVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
21.Flag Leigh McGarvieJacer 98Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
22.Flag Geoff BassingthwaighteHF RacingThomsen FVT05Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
23.Flag Wayne HamiltonSabre 01Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Stephen ButcherTeam StingerStinger 005Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Paul CharltonSPE RacingMako Mk.IIIVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Thomas CharltonSPE RacingGebertVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Heath CollinsonJunior Racing DevelopmentSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Michael CookeTeam StingerStinger HVVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Jason CuttsJacerJacer F2K14Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Nicholas JonesJacer 98Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Wade McLeanCheckmateVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Heath MurdochRacesahStinger 016ixVolkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Sage MurdochRacesahStealth S01Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Flag Craig SparkeJacer F2K7Volkswagen 1.6Yokohama
Fastest lap
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