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Footprints Resort Formula Vee 1600 National Challenge 2016 standings

Race results for Footprints Resort Formula Vee 1600 National Challenge 2016

1.Flag Keiran GloverClark Rubber HobartCheckmate JP02Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
Pole position
2.Flag Jason CuttsJacerVolkswagen 1.6Hoosier
Fastest lap
3.Flag Gary OgdenCorsica RCO-14Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
4.Flag Dylan ThomasCXC Global RacingStinger 015IXVolkswagen 1.6Hoosier
5.Flag David CaisleyJacer F2K8Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
6.Flag Michael KinsellaKE PowerJacer F2K10Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
7.Flag Rod LissonLiTech SystemsSabre 02Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
8.Flag David CampbellJacer F2K16Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
9.Flag Austin PearsonVariflow and 3X ImportsJacer F2K7Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
10.Flag Mark Horanlook feel 007Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
11.Flag Daniel LinehanAK HomesStingerVolkswagen 1.6Hoosier
12.Flag Jason FowlerHarness MastersJacer 99Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
13.Flag Leigh PorterPorter Data ManagementJacer F2K6Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
14.Flag Brett ScareyBM GraphicsAjay 08Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
15.Flag Peter DyballMatsos / PitcrewAuroraVolkswagen 1.6Hoosier
16.Flag Bryan KrausePerth 3MW /Roscos Panel & PaintTRE Mk.1Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
Flag Stephen ButcherCXC Global RacingStinger 014IXVolkswagen 1.6Hoosier
Flag Jeff CadmanAdultshop.comJacer 97Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
Flag Allan ReidJacer 99Volkswagen 1.6Hoosier
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