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Formula Vee 1600 Australian Nationals 2012 standings

Race results for Formula Vee 1600 Australian Nationals 2012

1.Flag Daniel ReynoldsSabre 02 (VW)
Pole position
2.Flag Matthew StubbsBeacham RacingSabre 02 (VW)
3.Flag Jayson WilliamsonBeacham RacingSabre 02 (VW)
4.Flag Jordan DeckertJacer 97 (VW)
5.Flag Dylan ThomasStinger 0151X (VW)
6.Flag Jack FloodSabre 02 (VW)
7.Flag Jason CuttsJacer F2K6 (VW)
8.Flag Tim BrookLE 100 (VW)
9.Flag Michael KinsellaJacer F2K10 (VW)
Fastest lap
10.Flag Darren WilliamsJacer F2K9 (VW)
11.Flag Simon PaceMako 08 (VW)
12.Flag Stephen GamarraJacer 99 (VW)
13.Flag Shane PurvisSabre 02 (VW)
14.Flag Phil OakesJacer 99 (VW)
15.Flag Brodie TilbrookSabre 01 (VW)
16.Flag Lachlan HigginsSabre 01 (VW)
17.Flag Garry HookJacer F2K4 (VW)
18.Flag Benjamin PorterCheckmate JP02 (VW)
19.Flag Leigh McGarvieJacer 98 (VW)
20.Flag John McDonaldMako (VW)
21.Flag Leigh PorterJacer (VW)
22.Flag Robert SurmanStinger (VW)
23.Flag David CampbellStinger (VW)
24.Flag Phil GardnerJacer 98 (VW)
25.Flag Bruce PearceJacer F2K10 (VW)
Flag Morgan FreemantleJacer F2K6 (VW)
Flag Rodney FrenchBee Cee Jabiru (VW)
Flag Stephen JonesSabre 02 (VW)
Flag Mark McHenryJacer F2K3 (VW)
Flag Gary OgdenCorsica RCO-11 (VW)
Flag Corinne PerrySabre 01 (VW)
Flag Kent ShepherdStealth (VW)
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