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Formula Vee 1200 Australian Nationals 2017 standings

Race results for Formula Vee 1200 Australian Nationals 2017

1.Flag Wade McLeanElliotVolkswagen 1.2
2.Flag Mark PickettGebertVolkswagen 1.2
3.Flag Stephen ButcherCGR Team StingerStinger 005Volkswagen 1.2
Pole position
4.Flag Gareth BriggsSpook Mk.IVolkswagen 1.2
5.Flag Danny CerroPolarVolkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Robert SurmanSurman MetalsStagVolkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Callum NorrisPanther 1Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Sean GrimmondSpectre 02Volkswagen 1.2
9.Flag Rod KowaldSpectre 02Volkswagen 1.2
10.Flag Female Kathy LissonLiTech SystemsSabre 01Volkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Jay ThompsonSpectreVolkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Frank ChessellElfin CrusaderVolkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Bruce WelshRepco V Mk1Volkswagen 1.2
14.Flag Female April WelshJacerVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Lou CalicchioQV91Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Chris NeilElfin CrusaderVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Bruce PearceLepton V79Volkswagen 1.2
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