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Formula Tour 1600 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Tour 1600 2013


Nationality of participating drivers

85.4%CanadaFlag Thomas McGregor, Didier Schraenen, Michel Bonnet, Chase Pelletier, Guy Gilain, Olivier Bédard, Duncan Murdoch, Yves Beaudoin, Serge Lacroix, Marc-Antoine Cardin, Jesse Lazare, Sergio Pasian, Ghislain Theriault, Pascal Bellemare, Serge Bourdeau, Lewis Mackenzie, Jean-Philippe Jodoin, Jean Lajoie, Patrick Sweeney, Marcel Lafontaine, Scott Hargrove, Olivier Bonnet, Martin Renaud, Steve Pickering, Steve McCamus, Dalton Kellett, Denis Matton, Rémy Audette, Dominic-Andre Mongeon, Grant Goddard, Caitlin Johnston, Mark Bishara, André Lorent, Krista Crotty, Ross Smith, Jens Plougmann, Kenneth Herbst, Robert Ashley, Timothy Herbst, Shayne Morton, Marcel Demers41
8.3%U.S.A.Flag Tristan DeGrand, Jack Mitchell, Maxwell Hanratty, Jim Edmonds4
4.2%FranceFlag Pierre Brunet, Stephane Morin2
2.1%JamaicaFlag Jason Bedasse1

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 Formula Tour 1600

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ashley, RobertFlag n/a
Audette, RémyFlag n/a
Beaudoin, YvesFlag n/a
Bédard, OlivierFlag 16 y/o
Bedasse, JasonFlag 37 y/o
Bellemare, PascalFlag n/a
Bishara, MarkFlag n/a
Bonnet, MichelFlag n/a
Bonnet, OlivierFlag n/a
Bourdeau, SergeFlag n/a
Brunet, PierreFlag n/a
Cardin, Marc-AntoineFlag n/a
Crotty, KristaFlag n/a
DeGrand, TristanFlag 17 y/o
Demers, MarcelFlag n/a
Edmonds, JimFlag n/a
Gilain, GuyFlag n/a
Goddard, GrantFlag n/a
Hanratty, MaxwellFlag 19 y/o
Hargrove, ScottFlag 18 y/o
Herbst, KennethFlag n/a
Herbst, TimothyFlag n/a
Jodoin, Jean-PhilippeFlag n/a
Johnston, CaitlinFlag n/a
Kellett, DaltonFlag 19 y/o
Lacroix, SergeFlag n/a
Lafontaine, MarcelFlag n/a
Lajoie, JeanFlag n/a
Lazare, JesseFlag 16 y/o
Lorent, AndréFlag n/a
Mackenzie, LewisFlag n/a
Matton, DenisFlag 52 y/o
McCamus, SteveFlag n/a
McGregor, ThomasFlag 21 y/o
Mitchell, JackFlag n/a
Mongeon, Dominic-AndreFlag n/a
Morin, StephaneFlag n/a
Morton, ShayneFlag n/a
Murdoch, DuncanFlag n/a
Pasian, SergioFlag 36 y/o
Pelletier, ChaseFlag 17 y/o
Pickering, SteveFlag n/a
Plougmann, JensFlag n/a
Renaud, MartinFlag n/a
Schraenen, DidierFlag 47 y/o
Smith, RossFlag n/a
Sweeney, PatrickFlag n/a
Theriault, GhislainFlag n/a
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