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Formula Russell 1998 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Russell 1998

Most podium positionsFlag Wayne Yurtin
Most podium positions without a winFlag Wayne Yurtin
Most fastest race lapsFlag Wayne Yurtin

Nationality of participating drivers

72%U.S.A.Flag Tyler McQuarrie, Jury Swanson, Dave McEntee, Steve Hill, Peter Ponder-Pistor, Chris Pettet, Brent Sherman, Greg van den Dries, David Farley, Ken Snyder, Pat McDowell, Chase Mart, Doug Sorensen, Bud Moeller, Wayne Yurtin, Bob Hagerty, Jim Plimpton, Weyman Watson18
8%JapanFlag Yutaro Goto, Kazuto Yagi2
8%BrazilFlag Fernando Dias Ribeiro, Leonardo Maia2
4%GermanyFlag Pierre Ehret1
4%UnknownFlag Marek Rybskowski1
4%AustraliaFlag Barry Kirk1

Individual driver statistics for the 1998 Formula Russell

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ehret, PierreFlag 41 y/o
Farley, DavidFlag n/a
Goto, YutaroFlag n/a
Hagerty, BobFlag n/a
Hill, SteveFlag n/a
Kirk, BarryFlag n/a
Maia, LeonardoFlag 17 y/o
Mart, ChaseFlag n/a
McDowell, PatFlag n/a
McEntee, DaveFlag n/a
McQuarrie, TylerFlag 20 y/o
Moeller, BudFlag n/a
Pettet, ChrisFlag n/a
Plimpton, JimFlag n/a
Ponder-Pistor, PeterFlag n/a
Ribeiro, Fernando DiasFlag n/a
Rybskowski, MarekFlag n/a
Sherman, BrentFlag 24 y/o
Snyder, KenFlag n/a
Sorensen, DougFlag n/a
Swanson, JuryFlag n/a
van den Dries, GregFlag n/a
Watson, WeymanFlag n/a
Yagi, KazutoFlag n/a
Yurtin, WayneFlag n/a1011
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