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Formula Palmer Audi Autumn Trophy 2003 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Palmer Audi Autumn Trophy 2003

Most race winsFlag Jonathan Kennard
Most pole positionsFlag Jonathan Kennard
Most podium positionsFlag Jonathan Kennard
Most podium positions without a winFlag James Jakes

Nationality of participating drivers

73.9%Great BritainFlag Jonathan Kennard, Sam Edwards, Matt Harris, Tom Tremayne, Niki Faulkner, James Jakes, Terry White, Gary Eastwood, Bruce Hodges, Stephen Brown, Paul Warren, Chris Pennington, Paul Compton, Wesley Fongenie, Tony Brewer, Ben Marshall, Mark Beaumont17
13%U.S.A.Flag Peter Knudson III, Philip Shearer, Anthony Pinto3
8.7%South AfricaFlag Chris Hyman, Gino Ussi2
4.3%Saudi ArabiaFlag Karim Ojjeh1

Individual driver statistics for the 2003 Formula Palmer Audi Autumn Trophy

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Beaumont, MarkFlag n/a2000
Brewer, TonyFlag 43 y/o2000
Brown, StephenFlag n/a4000
Compton, PaulFlag n/a4000
Eastwood, GaryFlag 33 y/o4000
Edwards, SamFlag 19 y/o4120
Faulkner, NikiFlag 26 y/o2121
Fongenie, WesleyFlag 49 y/o2000
Harris, MattFlag 17 y/o4000
Hodges, BruceFlag 40 y/o4000
Hyman, ChrisFlag 39 y/o4010
Jakes, JamesFlag 15 y/o2020
Kennard, JonathanFlag 18 y/o4243
Knudson III, PeterFlag 20 y/o4000
Marshall, BenFlag 24 y/o2000
Ojjeh, KarimFlag 37 y/o4010
Pennington, ChrisFlag 35 y/o2000
Pinto, AnthonyFlag n/a4000
Shearer, PhilipFlag 50 y/o2000
Tremayne, TomFlag n/a4000
Ussi, GinoFlag 41 y/o00000
Warren, PaulFlag 42 y/o4000
White, TerryFlag 53 y/o4000
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