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Formula Gulf 1000 2014 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Gulf 1000 2014

Most race winsFlag Tom Bale
Most pole positionsFlag Tom Bale
Most podium positionsFlag Saeed Bintouq
Most podium positions without a winFlag Abdullah El Khereiji
Flag Abdullah Kabbani
Most fastest race lapsFlag Tom Bale

Nationality of participating drivers

27.3%Great BritainFlag Tom Bale, Joel Young, Adam Reeve3
18.2%United Arab EmiratesFlag Saeed Bintouq, Ameer Hassan2
18.2%Saudi ArabiaFlag Abdullah El Khereiji, Abdullah Kabbani2
9.1%KuwaitFlag Adnan Bahrami1
9.1%MalaysiaFlag Natasha Seatter1
9.1%Trinidad & TobagoFlag Keverne McShine1
9.1%PakistanFlag Saad Ali1

Individual driver statistics for the 2014 Formula Gulf 1000

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ali, SaadFlag 26 y/o20200
Bahrami, AdnanFlag n/a140200
Bale, TomFlag 16 y/o1291159
Bintouq, SaeedFlag n/a1431313
El Khereiji, AbdullahFlag n/a60400
Hassan, AmeerFlag n/a00000
Kabbani, AbdullahFlag n/a80400
McShine, KeverneFlag n/a60200
Reeve, AdamFlag n/a20000
Seatter, NatashaFlag 21 y/o22212
Young, JoelFlag n/a40200
12013-11-22Dubai AutodromeSeatterBintouqEl KhereijiSeatterSeatter
22013-11-22Dubai AutodromeSeatterBintouqKabbaniSeatterSeatter
32013-12-06Yas MarinaBaleBintouqEl KhereijiBaleBale
42013-12-06Yas MarinaBintouqBaleKabbaniBintouq
52014-01-24Dubai AutodromeBaleBintouqEl KhereijiBaleBale
62014-01-24Dubai AutodromeBaleEl KhereijiMcShineBale
72014-01-31Yas MarinaBaleBintouqBahramiBaleBale
82014-01-31Yas MarinaBaleBintouqBahramiBale
92014-02-15Dubai AutodromeBintouqKabbaniYoungBintouqBintouq
102014-02-15Dubai AutodromeBintouqBaleKabbaniBale
112014-03-07Dubai AutodromeBaleBintouqMcShineBaleBale
122014-03-07Dubai AutodromeBaleBintouqYoungBale
132014-03-28Yas MarinaBaleBintouqAliBaleBale
142014-03-28Yas MarinaBaleBintouqAliBintouq
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