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Formula Ford New Zealand South Island Series 2021 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Ford New Zealand South Island Series 2021

Most race winsFlag James Penrose
Most pole positionsFlag James Penrose
Most podium positionsFlag James Penrose
Most podium positions without a winFlag Zac Christensen
Most fastest race lapsFlag James Penrose

Nationality of participating drivers

97.6%New ZealandFlag James Penrose, Jack Noble-Adams, Zac Christensen, Shane Drake, Cameron Freeman, Ethan Anderson, Ryan Low, Kim Crocker, Dominic Robertson, Simon Spencer-Bower, Henry Thomas-Kircher, Bo Hill, Tony Graham, Steve Donaldson, Daniel Brown, Marc Doran, Robert Toshach, Andy Downs, Royce Bayer, David Arrowsmith, Alex Crosbie, Noel Atley, Nigel Barclay, James Dicey, Harry Wilson, Greg Inwood, Hayden Cox, John Stevenson, Roger McKenzie, Keith Miller, Dave McKenzie, Gary Love, Thomas Flynn, Graham Dickie, Jacob Douglas, Stephen Heffernan, Breanna Morris, Dylan Petch, Steve Edwards, Will Kitching40
2.4%AustraliaFlag Keith Cowan1

Individual driver statistics for the 2021 Formula Ford New Zealand South Island Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anderson, EthanFlag n/a150800
Arrowsmith, DavidFlag n/a60000
Atley, NoelFlag n/a180000
Barclay, NigelFlag 52 y/o30000
Bayer, RoyceFlag n/a10000
Brown, DanielFlag n/a170000
Christensen, ZacFlag n/a1801201
Cowan, KeithFlag n/a30000
Cox, HaydenFlag n/a70000
Crocker, KimFlag n/a140000
Crosbie, AlexFlag n/a180000
Dicey, JamesFlag n/a170000
Dickie, GrahamFlag n/a60000
Donaldson, SteveFlag n/a90000
Doran, MarcFlag n/a120000
Douglas, JacobFlag n/a120200
Downs, AndyFlag n/a170000
Drake, ShaneFlag 52 y/o90201
Edwards, SteveFlag n/a30000
Flynn, ThomasFlag n/a180000
Freeman, CameronFlag n/a150200
Graham, TonyFlag n/a30000
Heffernan, StephenFlag 70 y/o40000
Hill, BoFlag n/a180000
Inwood, GregFlag n/a150000
Kitching, WillFlag n/a30000
Love, GaryFlag n/a170000
Low, RyanFlag n/a120000
McKenzie, DaveFlag n/a90000
McKenzie, RogerFlag n/a40000
Miller, KeithFlag n/a30000
Morris, BreannaFlag 17 y/o60000
Noble-Adams, JackFlag n/a1801106
Penrose, JamesFlag 25 y/o181818610
Petch, DylanFlag n/a80000
Robertson, DominicFlag n/a30000
Spencer-Bower, SimonFlag n/a180000
Stevenson, JohnFlag n/a30000
Thomas-Kircher, HenryFlag n/a50000
Toshach, RobertFlag n/a180000
Wilson, HarryFlag n/a180000
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