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Formula Ford Festival 1990 standings

Race results for Formula Ford Festival 1990

1.Flag David CoyneSwift Quicksilver FR90
2.Flag Fionn MurrayReynard Augiga 90FF
3.Flag Jean-Christophe BoullionVan Diemen-Minister RF90
4.Flag Michael VergersVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
5.Flag Marc GoossensVan Diemen-Zagk RF90
6.Flag Neil CunninghamSwift Quicksilver B90
7.Flag Michael EdgarCliff Dempsey RacingVan Diemen-Greenwood RF90
Pole position
8.Flag Jeremy CotterillVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
9.Flag David GermainSwift Minister FB90
10.Flag Alastair JohnstonReynard Augiga 90FF
11.Flag Vivion DalyReynard Minister 90FF
12.Flag Pedro de la RosaVan Diemen-Minister RF90
13.Flag Frank ten WoldeVan Diemen-Zagk RF90
14.Flag Sascha MaassenReynard-Zagk 90FF
15.Flag Eric AngelvyVan Diemen-Minister RF90
16.Flag Jason PollockMondiale Loynings M89S
17.Flag Adrian ColesVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
18.Flag Simon HarrisonVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
19.Flag Claudio Piazza-MussoReynard Auriga 90FF
20.Flag Chris HallJamun Auriga M90
21.Flag Franck ThouvenelVan Diemen-Minister RF90
22.Flag Dino MorelliReynard-Minister 90FF
Flag Warren HughesVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
Flag Russell IngallVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
Flag Oscar MiddeldorpReynard Auriga 90FF
Flag Rick MorrisReynard Auriga 90FF
Flag Niko PalharesVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
Flag Duda RosaVan Diemen-Scholar RF90
Flag Jimmy VasserTeam USA ScholarshipLanan 1604
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