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Formula Ford Festival - Kent - Pre finals 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Ford Festival - Kent - Pre finals 2009

Most race winsFlag Scott Malvern
Flag Rory Butcher
Most pole positionsFlag Scott Malvern
Flag Rory Butcher
Most podium positionsFlag Scott Malvern
Flag Brett Smrz
Flag Ivor McCullough
Flag Rory Butcher
Flag Matthew Parr
Most podium positions without a winFlag Brett Smrz
Flag Ivor McCullough
Most fastest race lapsFlag Brett Smrz
Flag Josh Fisher
Flag Rory Butcher
Flag Connor De Phillippi
Flag Neville Smyth

Nationality of participating drivers

71.7%Great BritainFlag Scott Malvern, Josh Fisher, Ivor McCullough, Matt Rivett, David Grady, Adam Quartermaine, Simon Kinsey, Jonny McMullan, Gaius Ghinn, Ryan Campbell, Chris Chisnall, Ed Moore, Peter Daly, Jim Morris, Mike Devoy, John Murphy, Adrian Hamilton, Dane Christison, Rory Butcher, Matthew Parr, Noel Robinson, John Loebell, Andrew Xavier, Ben de Zille Butler, John Farrell, Craig Currie, Colin Johnson, Henry Campbell, Laurie Hughes, Brendan Duggan, Lorna Vickers, Ivor Mairs, Patrick Blakeney-Edwards33
19.6%IrelandFlag Noel Dunne, Morgan Dempsey, John Ferguson, David Quinn, Derek M. Daly, Cormac O'Neill, Neville Smyth, Robert Barrable, Stephen Daly9
4.3%U.S.A.Flag Brett Smrz, Connor De Phillippi2
2.2%South AfricaFlag Andrew Becker1
2.2%SwedenFlag Peter Sikström1

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Formula Ford Festival - Kent - Pre finals

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barrable, RobertFlag 21 y/o20000
Becker, AndrewFlag n/a20000
Blakeney-Edwards, PatrickFlag 48 y/o30100
Butcher, RoryFlag 22 y/o22211
Campbell, HenryFlag n/a30000
Campbell, RyanFlag n/a30000
Chisnall, ChrisFlag n/a20000
Christison, DaneFlag n/a30000
Currie, CraigFlag n/a30000
Daly, Derek M.Flag n/a30000
Daly, PeterFlag n/a20000
Daly, StephenFlag n/a20100
De Phillippi, ConnorFlag 16 y/o20101
de Zille Butler, BenFlag 32 y/o20000
Dempsey, MorganFlag 38 y/o20100
Devoy, MikeFlag n/a30000
Duggan, BrendanFlag n/a30000
Dunne, NoelFlag 38 y/o20000
Farrell, JohnFlag n/a30000
Ferguson, JohnFlag 35 y/o20000
Fisher, JoshFlag 24 y/o20001
Ghinn, GaiusFlag n/a20000
Grady, DavidFlag n/a20000
Hamilton, AdrianFlag n/a30000
Hughes, LaurieFlag n/a30000
Johnson, ColinFlag n/a30000
Kinsey, SimonFlag n/a20000
Loebell, JohnFlag n/a20000
Mairs, IvorFlag n/a30000
Malvern, ScottFlag 20 y/o22210
McCullough, IvorFlag n/a20200
McMullan, JonnyFlag 17 y/o20000
Moore, EdFlag n/a30000
Morris, JimFlag n/a20000
Murphy, JohnFlag n/a20000
O'Neill, CormacFlag n/a20000
Parr, MatthewFlag 22 y/o31200
Quartermaine, AdamFlag 35 y/o20000
Quinn, DavidFlag n/a20000
Rivett, MattFlag n/a10000
Robinson, NoelFlag n/a20000
Sikström, PeterFlag n/a20000
Smrz, BrettFlag 18 y/o30201
Smyth, NevilleFlag 34 y/o20101
Vickers, LornaFlag n/a30000
Xavier, AndrewFlag n/a30000
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