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Formula Ford 1600 - Walter Hayes Trophy 2007 standings

Race results for Formula Ford 1600 - Walter Hayes Trophy 2007

1.Flag Peter DempseyRay GRS05
Pole position
2.Flag James NashVan Diemen RF92
3.Flag Wayne BoydVan Diemen RF92
4.Flag Robert BarrableSwift SC92
5.Flag Stuart GoughRay GRS07
6.Flag Paul DaggVan Diemen RF91
7.Flag Peter BarrableRay GR05
8.Flag Keith DempseySwift SC92
9.Flag Morgan DempseyVan Diemen RF91
10.Flag Jay BridgerVan Diemen RF01
11.Flag Gary JonesVan Diemen RF91
12.Flag Noel DunneVan Diemen RF92
13.Flag James ColeVan Diemen RF99
14.Flag Gavin WillsVan Diemen RF00
15.Flag Graham CarrollVan Diemen RF90
16.Flag Rory ButcherVan Diemen RF92
17.Flag William ZolloReynard 92FF
18.Flag Michael VergersVan Diemen RF99
19.Flag Liam PayneSwift SC93
20.Flag Jamie JardineSwift SC92
21.Flag Oliver RobertsSwift SC92S
22.Flag David GradyVan Diemen RF92
23.Flag Ben NortonSpectrum 011
24.Flag Barry LinleyVan Diemen RF90
25.Flag Robert HallSwift SC92F
26.Flag Will SchryverVan Diemen RF99
27.Flag Joey FosterVan Diemen RF78
28.Flag Mark WilliamsReynard 92FF
29.Flag Bob HigginsVan Diemen RF90
30.Flag Dan FoxRay 97F
31.Flag Patrick McKennaRay GRS07
32.Flag Neville SmythRay GRS07
Fastest lap
33.Flag Ed MooreVan Diemen RF99
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