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Formula Entrerriana, Argentina 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula Entrerriana, Argentina 2012

Most race winsFlag Martín Coulleri
Most pole positionsFlag Martín Ponte
Most podium positionsFlag Gabriel Massei
Most podium positions without a winFlag Franco Baccon
Most fastest race lapsFlag Martín Ponte

Nationality of participating drivers

100%ArgentinaFlag Gabriel Massei, Martin Veronesi, Gabriel Mouchet, Alejandro Wagner, Martín Coulleri, Alonso Etchebest, Pablo Fabian, Guillermo Miceo, Agustín Silveyra, Eduardo Saino, Franco Baccon, Julio Paea, Martín Ponte, Germán López, Iván Percara, Emiliano Borghesan, Agustín Ferreyra, Máximo Pérez, Sergio Villanova, José María Lugón, José María Daglio, Agustín Squarzon, Cristian Leonardelli, Florentino Niemiz, Dario Gonzalez, Franco Geminiani, Joan Manuel Brondi, Fabián Pérez, Gustavo Percara, Roberto Fabrello, Fernando Picullo, Stefano Veronesi, Joaquin Gotusso, Matias Martinez, Alesio Grinovero, Matias Baccon, Daniel Puppo, Marcos Veronesi, Heriberto Eicchorn, José Luis Talermann, Manuel Milera41

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 Formula Entrerriana, Argentina

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Baccon, FrancoFlag n/a80500
Baccon, MatiasFlag n/a70000
Borghesan, EmilianoFlag n/a50001
Brondi, Joan ManuelFlag n/a00000
Coulleri, MartínFlag 20 y/o83501
Daglio, José MaríaFlag n/a60000
Eicchorn, HeribertoFlag n/a50000
Etchebest, AlonsoFlag 18 y/o20000
Fabian, PabloFlag n/a41100
Fabrello, RobertoFlag n/a00000
Ferreyra, AgustínFlag n/a20000
Geminiani, FrancoFlag 18 y/o00000
Gonzalez, DarioFlag n/a60000
Gotusso, JoaquinFlag n/a00000
Grinovero, AlesioFlag n/a60000
Leonardelli, CristianFlag n/a80000
López, GermánFlag n/a50300
Lugón, José MaríaFlag n/a00000
Martinez, MatiasFlag n/a00000
Massei, GabrielFlag 48 y/o82622
Miceo, GuillermoFlag n/a81100
Milera, ManuelFlag n/a10000
Mouchet, GabrielFlag n/a70000
Niemiz, FlorentinoFlag n/a00000
Paea, JulioFlag n/a80000
Percara, GustavoFlag n/a00000
Percara, IvánFlag n/a60010
Pérez, FabiánFlag n/a00000
Pérez, MáximoFlag n/a70000
Picullo, FernandoFlag n/a00000
Ponte, MartínFlag 27 y/o71364
Puppo, DanielFlag n/a30000
Saino, EduardoFlag n/a00000
Silveyra, AgustínFlag n/a30000
Squarzon, AgustínFlag n/a40000
Talermann, José LuisFlag 22 y/o10000
Veronesi, MarcosFlag n/a70000
Veronesi, MartinFlag 44 y/o00000
Veronesi, StefanoFlag n/a20000
Villanova, SergioFlag n/a30000
Wagner, AlejandroFlag 20 y/o20000
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