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Formula BMW World Final 2006 standings

Race results for Formula BMW World Final 2006

1.Flag Christian VietorisJosef Kaufmann RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Mika MäkiEifelland RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
3.Flag Stefano ColettiEurointernationalMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
4.Flag Daniel MoradAIM AutosportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
5.Flag Daniel RicciardoFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
6.Flag Oliver TurveyTeam LoctiteMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
7.Flag Jens KlingmannEifelland RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
8.Flag Robert WickensEurointernationalMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
9.Flag Martin RaggingerEifelland RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
10.Flag Euan Alers-HankeyFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
11.Flag Nick de BruijnASL-Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
12.Flag Niall QuinnAM-Holzer Rennsport GmbHMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
13.Flag Matt LeeTeam AutotecnicaMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
14.Flag Jonathan LegrisMotaworld RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
15.Flag Matthew HamiltonMotaworld RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
16.Flag Henry ArundelFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
17.Flag Ross CurnowGelles RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
18.Flag Jens HöingGU-Racing Motorsport TeamMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
19.Flag Fabio LeimerMatson MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
20.Flag Daniel McKenzieFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
21.Flag Maximilian WisselGU-Racing Motorsport TeamMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
22.Flag Christian EngelhartASL-Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
23.Flag Ryan PhinnyGelles RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
24.Flag Maxime PelletierGelles RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
25.Flag Jack ClarkeFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
26.Flag Tom DunstanTeam LoctiteMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
27.Flag Philip MajorAIM AutosportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
28.Flag Niall BreenFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
29.Flag Frankie MunizJensen MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
30.Flag Andrei HarnageaGU-Racing Motorsport TeamMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
31.Flag Daniel Campos-HullJosef Kaufmann RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
32.Flag Sebastián SaavedraGelles RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
33.Flag Tobias HegewaldAIM AutosportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
34.Flag Adrien HerbertsGelles RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
35.Flag Daniel MurrayFilsell MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
36.Flag Josef KrálJosef Kaufmann RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
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