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Formula BMW World Final 2005 standings

Race results for Formula BMW World Final 2005

1.Flag Marco HolzerAM-Holzer RennsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Pole position
2.Flag Sébastien BuemiASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
3.Flag Nico HülkenbergJosef Kaufmann RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Fastest lap
4.Flag Sam BirdFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
5.Flag Nathan AntunesMotaworld RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
6.Flag Robert WickensTeam AutotecnicaMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
7.Flag Ross CurnowNexa RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
8.Flag Dominik WasemAM-Holzer RennsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
9.Flag Matt HowsonFilsell MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
10.Flag James DavisonMeritusMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
11.Flag Andzej Dzikevic4speedmediaMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
12.Flag Dean SmithColes RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
13.Flag Matt HarrisTeam SWRMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
14.Flag Matt LeeTeam AutotecnicaMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
15.Flag Robert Chawakij BougheyMeritusMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
16.Flag Philip GlewPromactecme / Soper SportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
17.Flag Harald Schlegelmilch4speedmediaMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
18.Flag Hamad Al FardanMeritusMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
19.Flag Thomas Reed StevensMeritusMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
20.Flag Stian SørlieFortec MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
21.Flag Jonathan LegrisMark Burdett MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
22.Flag Oliver TurveyTeam SWRMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Salman Al-KhalifaTeam E-RainMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Euan Alers-HankeyNexa RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Stefano ColettiASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Armaan EbrahimTeam E-RainMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Jack GoldstrawTeam SWRMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Tobias HegewaldASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Race JohnsonMeritusMygale FB02 (BMW)
Flag Fabio OnidiASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Edoardo PiscopoEurointernational SRLMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Jonathan SummertonASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag João UrbanoASL Team Mücke MotorsportMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
Flag Christian VietorisJosef Kaufmann RacingMygale FB02 (BMW)
Flag Jordan WiseMotaworld RacingMygale FB02 (BMW K1200RS)
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