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Fórmula 4 Uruguay 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the Fórmula 4 Uruguay 2013

Most race winsFlag Miguel Wohler
Most pole positionsFlag Frederick Balbi
Most podium positionsFlag Mateo Fontes
Most podium positions without a winFlag Diego Muraglia
Most fastest race lapsFlag Frederick Balbi

Nationality of participating drivers

85.7%UruguayFlag Frederick Balbi, Mateo Fontes, Juan Manuel Casella, Jorge Nicolás Muraglia, Miguel Doroksevic, Diego Muraglia, Santiago Blanco, Facundo Garese, Miguel Wohler, Daniel Horbal, Javier Pereira, Federico Piquerez12
14.3%ArgentinaFlag Guillermo Machin, Adrián Chiriano2

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 Fórmula 4 Uruguay

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Balbi, FrederickFlag n/a103454
Blanco, SantiagoFlag n/a90000
Casella, Juan ManuelFlag 15 y/o101501
Chiriano, AdriánFlag 40 y/o70200
Doroksevic, MiguelFlag 51 y/o91200
Fontes, MateoFlag n/a101612
Garese, FacundoFlag n/a10000
Horbal, DanielFlag n/a100000
Machin, GuillermoFlag n/a70000
Muraglia, DiegoFlag 17 y/o90531
Muraglia, Jorge NicolásFlag 20 y/o90210
Pereira, JavierFlag n/a40000
Piquerez, FedericoFlag n/a20000
Wohler, MiguelFlag 33 y/o84402
12013-04-14El PinarBalbiFontesCasellaBalbiBalbi
22013-05-05El PinarWohlerFontesBalbiMuragliaWohler
32013-06-09El PinarBalbiMuragliaCasellaBalbiCasella
42013-06-30El PinarWohlerFontesMuragliaBalbiFontes
52013-08-04El PinarFontesMuragliaChirianoFontesFontes
72013-10-05El PinarDoroksevicMuragliaChirianoBalbiBalbi
82013-10-06El PinarBalbiCasellaMuragliaMuragliaBalbi
92013-12-07El PinarWohlerMuragliaCasellaMuragliaMuraglia
102013-12-08El PinarWohlerFontesMuragliaMuragliaWohler
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