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Formula 3000 Birkin Cars/TVR Invitational Race 1995 standings

Race results for Formula 3000 Birkin Cars/TVR Invitational Race 1995

1.Flag Jan LammersVortex MotorsportReynard 94D (Cosworth)
2.Flag Kenny BräckMadgwick InternationalReynard 94D (Judd)
Pole position
Fastest lap
3.Flag Richard DeanMadgwick InternationalReynard 92D (Cosworth)
4.Flag Gareth ReesOmegaland InternationalReynard 94D (Judd)
5.Flag Dino MorelliOmegaland InternationalReynard 94D (Judd)
6.Flag Hilton CowieNordic RacingLola T94/50 (Cosworth)
7.Flag Pekka HervaFred Goddard RacingReynard 91D (Cosworth)
8.Flag Sascha MaassenTeam MonninghoffReynard 93D (Cosworth)
9.Flag Dominic ChappellApache RacingReynard 93D (Cosworth)
10.Flag Frederico CarecaWeylock RacingReynard 93D (Cosworth)
11.Flag Guido DaccòWeylock RacingReynard 91D (Cosworth)
12.Flag Tarso MarquesVortex MotorsportReynard 94D (Cosworth)
13.Flag Klaus PanchryzTeam MonninghoffReynard 92D (Cosworth)
14.Flag David MercerWeylock RacingReynard 92D (Cosworth)
Flag Phil AndrewsApache RacingReynard 93D (Cosworth)
Flag Iain PepperFred Goddard RacingReynard 90D (Cosworth)
Flag Nigel SmithTeam SchemesReynard 92D (Cosworth)
Flag Stephen WatsonNordic RacingLola T94/50 (Cosworth)
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