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Formula 3 Scotland Superprix 1987 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Scotland Superprix 1987

1.Flag Martin DonnellyCellnet RacingRalt RT31TOM's Toyota
Fastest lap
2.Flag Gary DunnReynard 863Volkswagen Spiess
3.Flag Tim DaviesBob Salisbury RacingSwallow 387Volkswagen
4.Flag Antony ReidTarry RacingRalt RT30Volkswagen
5.Flag Scott StringfellowJim Lee RacingReynard 863Volkswagen Spiess
6.Flag Rowan DewhurstEddie Jordan RacingRalt RT30Volkswagen
7.Flag Steve PettittJupiter RacingRalt RT30Volkswagen
8.Flag John Hotchkis jr.John McGuire RacingRalt RT30Volkswagen
9.Flag Gavin JonesTeam Jones RacingReynard 863Volkswagen
10.Flag Carlton TinglingRalt RT30Volkswagen
11.Flag Alan TullochRalt RT30Volkswagen
12.Flag Michael Whatley
13.Flag Sandy McEwan
14.Flag Guido Basile
Flag Damon HillCellnet RacingRalt RT31TOM's Toyota
Pole position
Flag Eddie KimbellRalt RT30Volkswagen
Flag Craig SimmissAfamya Racing
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