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Suncity Group Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix 2014 standings

Race results for Suncity Group Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix 2014

1.Flag Felix by Mücke MotorsportDallara F312MercedesYokohama
Pole position
2.Flag Lucas AuerKFZTeile24 Mücke MotorsportDallara F312MercedesYokohama
3.Flag Nick CassidyThreeBond with T-SportDallara F314NBEYokohama
4.Flag Roberto Double R RacingDallara F313MercedesYokohama
5.Flag Nicholas LatifiSJM Theodore Racing by PremaDallara F314MercedesYokohama
6.Flag Stefano ColettiEuroInternationalDallara F313MercedesYokohama
7.Flag Max VerstappenVan Amersfoort RacingDallara F314VolkswagenYokohama
Fastest lap
8.Flag Santino FerrucciFortec MotorsportsDallara F312MercedesYokohama
9.Flag Kenta YamashitaTom'sDallara F314ToyotaYokohama
10.Flag Gustavo MenezesVan Amersfoort RacingDallara F312VolkswagenYokohama
11.Flag Markus PommerMotoparkDallara F314VolkswagenYokohama
12.Flag Antonio GiovinazziJagonya Ayam with CarlinDallara F314VolkswagenYokohama
13.Flag Female Tatiana CalderónJZR/Mücke MotorsportDallara F312MercedesYokohama
14.Flag William BullerSignatureDallara F314VolkswagenYokohama
15.Flag Sean GelaelJagonya Ayam with CarlinDallara F312VolkswagenYokohama
16.Flag Alex PalouFortec MotorsportsDallara F312MercedesYokohama
17.Flag Dan WellsToda RacingDallara F312Toda TR-F301Yokohama
18.Flag Mitsunori TakaboshiB-Max Racing TeamDallara F312ToyotaYokohama
19.Flag Andy ChangTeam West-Tec F3Dallara F312MercedesYokohama
20.Flag Sam MacLeodTom'sDallara F312ToyotaYokohama
21.Flag Felix Juan Serralles IVTeam West-Tec F3Dallara F314MercedesYokohama
Flag Tom BlomqvistJagonya Ayam with CarlinDallara F312VolkswagenYokohama
Flag Martin CaoFortec MotorsportsDallara F313MercedesYokohama
Flag Antonio FuocoSJM Theodore Racing by PremaDallara F312MercedesYokohama
Flag Richard GoddardThreeBond with T-SportDallara F312NBEYokohama
Flag Yu KanamaruCarlinDallara F312VolkswagenYokohama
Flag Jordan KingGR Asia with CarlinDallara F312VolkswagenYokohama
Flag Esteban OconSJM Theodore Racing by PremaDallara F312MercedesYokohama
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