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Formula 3 Macau GP 1994 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Macau GP 1994

1.Flag Sascha MaassenMild Seven WTS RacingDallara 394 (Opel)
2.Flag Kelvin BurtWest Surrey RacingDallara 394 (Mugen)
3.Flag Jan MagnussenMobil 1 Paul Stewart RacingDallara 394 (Mugen)
4.Flag Ralf SchumacherMild Seven WTS RacingDallara 394 (Opel)
5.Flag Michael KrummTOM's RacingTom's 034F Toyota
6.Flag Dario FranchittiMobil 1 Paul Stewart RacingDallara 394 (Mugen)
7.Flag Philipp PeterElf Team Formel 3Dallara 394 (Fiat)
8.Flag Ricardo RossetTeam AJSDallara 394 (Mugen)
9.Flag Thomas BiagiRC MotorsportDallara 394 (Opel)
10.Flag Arnd MeierG+M Escom MotorsportDallara 394 (Opel)
11.Flag Dino MorelliP1 EngineeringDallara F394 (Fiat)
12.Flag Jo ZellerJo Zeller RacingDallara F394 (Fiat)
13.Flag Stephen WatsonAlan Docking RacingDallara F394 (Mugen-Honda)
14.Flag Jörg MüllerMarko RSMDallara F394 (Fiat)
15.Flag Alexander WurzG+M Escom MotorsportDallara F394 (Opel)
Flag Christian AbtAbt MotorsportDallara F394 (Opel)
Flag Max AngelelliVolkswagen MotorsportDallara F394 (VW)
Flag Pedro CouceiroMarko RSMDallara F394 (Fiat)
Flag Richard DeanTomei Sport OpelDallara F394 (Opel)
Flag Giancarlo FisichellaRC MotorsportDallara F394 (Opel)
Pole position
Flag Norberto FontanaKMSDallara F394 (Opel)
Flag Masami KageyamaTOM'sTOM's 034F (Toyota)
Flag Ryo MichigamiNow Motor SportsDallara F394 (Toyota)
Flag Hidetoshi MitsusadaNow Motor SportsDallara F394 (Toyota)
Flag Vincent RadermeckerWest Surrey RacingDallara F394 (Mugen-Honda)
Flag Gareth ReesAlan Docking RacingDallara F394 (Mugen-Honda)
Flag Gualter SallesFortec MotorsportDallara F394 (Mugen-Honda)
Fastest lap
Flag Ruedi SchurterKMSDallara F394 (Opel)
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