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Formula 3 Macau GP 1988 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Macau GP 1988

1.Flag Enrico BertaggiaTeam Forti CorseDallara 388 (Alfa Romeo)
2.Flag Damon HillIntersport Racing
3.Flag Otto RensingVolkswagen Motorsport
4.Flag Frank BielaMönninghoff Racing
5.Flag Gary BrabhamBowman Racing
6.Flag Jan LammersIntersport Racing
7.Flag Gianni MorbidelliForti CorseDallara 388 (Alfa Romeo)
8.Flag Stefan JohanssonEddie Jordan Racing
9.Flag Gabriele TarquiniPrema RacingReynard 883 (Alfa Romeo)
10.Flag Érik ComasTeam KTR
11.Flag Jean AlesiAlesi Junior TeamDallara F388 (Alfa Romeo)
12.Flag Ross HockenhullBowman RacingRalt RT32 (Volkswagen)
13.Flag Jacques GoudchauxDG RacingDallara F388 (Volkswagen)
14.Flag Michael JohanssonTommy Jagerwall RacingRalt RT32 (Alfa Romeo)
15.Flag Håkan OlaussonThe Swedish LionsReynard 883 (Volkswagen)
Flag Didier ArtzetIntersport RacingRalt RT32 (Toyota)
Flag Martin DonnellyEddie Jordan RacingReynard 883 (Volkswagen)
Flag Philippe GacheDG RacingDallara F388 (Volkswagen)
Flag Bertrand GachotTheodore RacingReynard 883 (Volkswagen)
Flag Fabrizio GiovanardiPrema RacingReynard 883 (Alfa Romeo)
Flag Eddie IrvineWest Surrey RacingRalt RT32 (Alfa Romeo)
Pole position
Fastest lap
Flag Jyrki JärvilehtoPacific RacingReynard 883 (Toyota)
Flag Frank KrämerVolkswagen MotorsportBSR KS388 (Volkswagen)
Flag Kiyoshi MisakiJTRRalt RT32 (Toyota)
Flag Hideki NodaJAX RacingReynard 883 (Toyota)
Flag Rickard RydellPicko Troberg RacingReynard 883 (Volkswagen)
Flag António SimõesWest Surrey RacingRalt RT32 (Alfa Romeo)
Flag Christian VidalSerge SaulnierDallara F388 (Alfa Romeo)
Flag Karl WendlingerKrafft Walzen Team RSM MarkoRalt RT32 (Alfa Romeo)
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