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Formula 3 Macau GP 1984 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Macau GP 1984

1.Flag John NielsenVolkswagen MotorsportRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
Fastest lap
2.Flag Stefan JohanssonMarlboro Theodore Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
Pole position
3.Flag Mike ThackwellTeam JPSRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
4.Flag Volker WeidlerVolkswagen MotorsportRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
5.Flag Ivan CapelliMarlboro Theodore Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
6.Flag Tommy BorguddTrivellato Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
7.Flag Andrew Gilbert-ScottTrivellato Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Alfa Romeo)
8.Flag Tommy ByrneMacau Excelsior / HK MandarinAnson SA4 (Volkswagen)
9.Flag Roberto GuerreroTeam JPSRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
10.Flag Dave ScottMint EngineeringRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
11.Flag Bob EarleFlying Tigers Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
12.Flag Harald BrutschinMalte Bongers RacingRalt RT3 (Alfa Romeo)
13.Flag Paul BelmondoNew-ManMartini MK42 (Alfa Romeo)
14.Flag Eric LangFlying Tigers Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
15.Flag Eje ElghCrown Motors Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
16.Flag Jo ZellerFormel Rennsport ClubRalt RT3 (Toyota)
17.Flag Emanuele PirroTheodore RacingRalt RT3 (Toyota)
18.Flag Allen BergIntersport EngineeringRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
19.Flag Franz KonradScuderia TeutoniaAnson SA4 (Alfa Romeo)
20.Flag Hideshi MatsudaTakeshi ProjectMarch 793 (Nissan)
Flag Ross CheeverValour RacingRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
Flag Johnny DumfriesTeam JPSRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
Flag Michel FertéNew-ManMartini MK42 (Alfa Romeo)
Flag David HuntAcorn Computer RacingRalt RT3 (Toyota)
Flag Mario HyttenMurray Taylor RacingRalt RT3 (Volkswagen)
Flag Eiji IwataEiji IwataMarch 813 (Toyota)
Flag Tomas KaiserRichard Trott RacingRalt RT3 (Toyota)
Flag Claudio LangesBarron Racing TeamRalt RT3 (Toyota)
Flag Ruggero MelgratiRuggero MelgratiRalt RT3 (Alfa Romeo)
Flag Hiroshi NakayamaTeam BardhalMarch 783 (Toyota)
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