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Formula 3 Hessenpreis 1968 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Hessenpreis 1968

1.Flag Ronnie PetersonSquadra RobardieTecno 68 (Ford)
2.Flag Freddy KottulinskyHaj-Haj Racing TeamLotus 41 (Ford)
3.Flag Jonas QvarnströmJonas QvarnströmBrabham BT21B (Ford)
Fastest lap
4.Flag Bernhard BaurMidland Racing TeamBrabham BT21B (Ford)
5.Flag Roland BinderRoland BinderLotus 41 (Ford)
6.Flag Ernst MaringErnst MaringLotus 35 (Ford)
7.Flag Wal DonnellyJürg Dubler Racing OrganisationBrabham BT18 (Ford)
8.Flag Howden GanleyNew Zealand Racing PartnershipBrabham BT21 (Ford)
9.Flag Alan StubbsAlan StubbsTitan Mk 3 (Ford)
10.Flag Dieter BentzCAP Racing TeamTecno 68 (Ford)
11.Flag Giancarlo GagliardiScuderia MaduninaBrabham BT16 (Ford)
12.Flag Peter KordaJürg Dubler Racing OrganisationBrabham BT21 (Ford)
13.Flag Rolf ScheelRolf ScheelTecno 68 (Ford)
14.Flag Franz GrafFranz GrafGraf (Simca)
15.Flag Willi DeutschWilli DeutschLotus 22 (Ford)
16.Flag Helmut AdamsHelmut Adams
Flag Georges CrenierCAP Racing TeamMerlyn Mk 10 (Ford)
Flag Peter de Meritt
Flag Jørgen EllekærJorgen Ellekaer RacingBrabham BT21 (Ford)
Flag Manfred MohrScuderia MaduninaTecno 68 (Ford)
Flag Vladislav Ondrejik
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