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Formula 3 European Cup 1999 standings

Race results for Formula 3 European Cup 1999

1.Flag Benoît TréluyerSignatureDallara F399 (Renault)
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Sébastien DumezASM FinaDallara F399 (Renault)
3.Flag Gianluca CalcagniRC Benetton Junior TeamDallara F399 (Opel)
4.Flag Peter SundbergPrema PowerteamDallara F399 (Opel)
5.Flag Jonathan CochetSignatureDallara F399 (Renault)
6.Flag Bruno BessonPromatecme Junior TeamDallara F399 (Renault)
7.Flag Juan Manuel LópezPrema PowerteamDallara F399 (Opel)
8.Flag Michele SpoldiTeam GhinzaniDallara F399 (BMW)
9.Flag Jérémie DufourGraff RacingDallara F399 (Opel)
10.Flag Enrico ToccaceloRavarotto Racing TeamDallara F399 (BMW)
12.Flag Omar GaleffiTarget RacingDallara F399 (Opel)
14.Flag Fulvio CavicchiPrema PowerteamDallara F399 (Opel)
Flag Julien BeltoiseASM FinaDallara F399 (Renault)
Flag Michael BentwoodCarlin MotorsportDallara F399 (Mugen Honda)
Flag Sébastien BourdaisLa FiliereMartini MK79 (Opel)
Flag Ryo FukudaLa FiliereMartini MK79 (Opel)
Flag Narain KarthikeyanCarlin MotorsportDallara F399 (Mugen Honda)
Flag Tiago MonteiroASM FinaDallara F399 (Renault)
Flag Alexander MüllerGraff RacingMartini MK79 (Opel)
Flag Yannick SchroederLa FiliereMartini MK79 (Opel)
Flag Davide UboldiTeam GhinzaniDallara F399 (Fiat)
Flag Gabriele VaranoRC Benetton Junior TeamDallara F399 (Opel)
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