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Formula 3 Britain - Mallory Park 1976 standings

Race results for Formula 3 Britain - Mallory Park 1976

1.Flag Richard HawkinsDr Joseph EhrlichEhrlich ES5 (Toyota 2T-G)
Fastest lap
2.Flag Barrie MaskellJeff SharpeDastle Mk 10C (Ford TC)
Pole position
Fastest lap
3.Flag Chris BarnettChris BarnettMarch 753 (Toyota 2T-G)
4.Flag John Lain Imado Watch Co. Ltd.Modus M1-023 (Toyota 2T-G)
5.Flag Brett RileyBrett RileyModus M1-040 (Triumph Dolomite)
6.Flag John Stokes Dortmunder Union Bier / Bogarts of BirminghamMarch 753 (Toyota 2T-G)
Flag Roger AndreasonGRD 373 (Ford TC)
Flag Bob ArnottMarch 743 (Ford TC)
Flag Ken SilverstoneMarch 753 (Toyota 2T-G)
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