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Australian Formula 3 Championship 2022 standings

Championship points standings for the Australian Formula 3 Championship 2022

1.Flag Noah SandsGilmour RacingDallara F311HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
2.Flag Trent GrubelTim Macrow RacingDallara F316HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
3.Flag Mitchell NeilsonR-Tek MotorsportDallara F311HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
4.Flag Ryan Astley99 MotorsportDallara F311Spiess Volkswagen 2.0Hankook
5.Flag Ethan BrownTim Macrow RacingDallara F311HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
6.Flag Roman KruminsR-Tek MotorsportDallara F307Spiess Opel 2.0Hankook
7.Flag Ben TaylorTim Macrow RacingDallara F311HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
8.Flag Chris GilmourGilmour RacingDallara F307HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
9.Flag Ryan HowTim Macrow RacingDallara F311
Dallara F307
HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0
HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0
10.Flag Max de MeyrickR-Tek MotorsportDallara F307Spiess Opel 2.0Hankook
11.Flag Ross McAlpineTim Macrow RacingMygale M11HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
12.Flag Andrew RobertsR-Tek MotorsportDallara F307Spiess Opel 2.0Hankook
13.Flag Gerrit RuffRuff RacingDallara F307HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
14.Flag Winston Van LaarhoveTim Macrow RacingDallara F311HWA Mercedes-Benz 2.0Hankook
15.Flag Bo JensenJensen MotorsportDallara F304Spiess Opel 2.0Hankook
Guest drivers not eligible for points:
Flag Rod AndersonReynard 893TOM's Toyota 2.0
Flag Rodney BakerBaker MotorsportDallara F399Spiess Opel 2.0
Flag Douglas BarryReynard 92DHolden 3.8
Flag Nathan BeerTatuus FR2000Renault 2.0
Flag Jack BeetonMygale M14-F4Ford 1.6 turbo
Flag Tim BoydleAGI SportMygale M14-F4Ford 1.6 turbo
Flag Paul Di BiaseTatuus FT-50Toyota 1.8
Flag Christian EstasyMygale M14-F4Ford 1.6 turbo
Flag Nathan GotchAGI SportDallara F307Sodemo Renault 2.0
Flag Lawrence KatsidisDallara F304Sodemo Renault 2.0
Flag Luke KlaverSimworx SimulatorsHyperRacer X1Suzuki 1.3
Flag Jesse LaceyAGI SportMygale M14-F4Ford 1.6 turbo
Flag Glenn LynchDallara F397Novamotor Fiat 2.0
Flag Shayne MorrowDallara F397Volkswagen 2.0
Flag Greg MuddleFormula Race Car AssociationDallara F307Spiess Opel 2.0
Flag Matthew RoeslerTatuus FT-50Toyota 1.8
Flag Robert RoweDallara F308TOM's Toyota 2.0
Flag Chris SlusarskiTatuus FT-50Toyota 1.8
Flag Tommy SmithTim Macrow RacingTatuus FT-50Toyota 1.8
Flag Mark WilsonAGI SportMygale M14-F4Ford 1.6 turbo
Flag Matthew WoodlandTatuus FT-50Toyota 1.8
Most race winsFlag Noah Sands
Most pole positionsFlag Noah Sands
Most podium positionsFlag Noah Sands
Most podium positions without a winFlag Mitchell Neilson
Most fastest race lapsFlag Noah Sands

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Mitchell Neilson, Noah Sands, Trent Grubel, Max de Meyrick, Ben Taylor, Andrew Roberts, Ryan Astley, Ross McAlpine, Gerrit Ruff, Ryan How, Roman Krumins, Chris Slusarski, Bo Jensen, Matthew Roesler, Paul Di Biase, Matthew Woodland, Ethan Brown, Luke Klaver, Chris Gilmour, Winston Van Laarhove, Tommy Smith, Nathan Gotch, Jesse Lacey, Christian Estasy, Jack Beeton, Greg Muddle, Robert Rowe, Douglas Barry, Rodney Baker, Glenn Lynch, Shayne Morrow, Rod Anderson, Mark Wilson, Lawrence Katsidis, Nathan Beer, Tim Boydle36

Individual driver statistics for the 2022 Australian Formula 3 Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anderson, RodFlag n/a20000
Astley, RyanFlag n/a161400
Baker, RodneyFlag 32 y/o20000
Barry, DouglasFlag n/a20000
Beer, NathanFlag n/a20000
Beeton, JackFlag n/a20000
Boydle, TimFlag n/a20000
Brown, EthanFlag n/a110501
de Meyrick, MaxFlag n/a30200
Di Biase, PaulFlag n/a50000
Estasy, ChristianFlag n/a20000
Gilmour, ChrisFlag 39 y/o30200
Gotch, NathanFlag 41 y/o20000
Grubel, TrentFlag 28 y/o1471324
How, RyanFlag n/a50000
Jensen, BoFlag n/a30000
Katsidis, LawrenceFlag n/a20000
Klaver, LukeFlag n/a30000
Krumins, RomanFlag 66 y/o140000
Lacey, JesseFlag n/a20000
Lynch, GlennFlag n/a20000
McAlpine, RossFlag n/a70000
Morrow, ShayneFlag n/a20000
Muddle, GregFlag n/a20000
Neilson, MitchellFlag n/a1601013
Roberts, AndrewFlag 42 y/o30000
Roesler, MatthewFlag n/a50000
Rowe, RobertFlag n/a20000
Ruff, GerritFlag 53 y/o70000
Sands, NoahFlag n/a1791539
Slusarski, ChrisFlag n/a50000
Smith, TommyFlag 20 y/o20000
Taylor, BenFlag n/a90000
Van Laarhove, WinstonFlag n/a20000
Wilson, MarkFlag n/a20000
Woodland, MatthewFlag n/a30000
12022-02-19Sydney Motorsport ParkSandsGrubelNeilsonNeilsonGrubel
22022-02-19Sydney Motorsport ParkGrubelNeilsonde MeyrickSandsNeilson
32022-02-19Sydney Motorsport ParkSandsGrubelde MeyrickNeilsonNeilson
42022-04-23The BendGrubelSandsAstleyGrubelGrubel
52022-04-24The BendGrubelNeilsonSandsGrubelGrubel
62022-04-24The BendGrubelSandsNeilsonGrubelGrubel
102022-08-20Queensland RacewayGrubelNeilsonSandsSandsSands
112022-08-21Queensland RacewaySandsGilmourGrubelGrubelSands
122022-08-21Queensland RacewaySandsGrubelGilmourSandsSands
132022-10-01Sydney Motorsport ParkSandsGrubelNeilsonSandsSands
142022-10-02Sydney Motorsport ParkSandsGrubelNeilsonSandsSands
152022-10-02Sydney Motorsport ParkSandsNeilsonBrownNeilsonSands
162022-11-26Phillip IslandGrubelSandsBrownGrubelNeilson
172022-11-27Phillip IslandGrubelNeilsonBrownGrubelBrown
182022-11-27Phillip IslandRace cancelled: Heavy rain
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