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IX Guards International Trophy 1969 standings

Race results for IX Guards International Trophy 1969

1.Flag Reine WisellChevron CarsChevron B15 (Ford)
2.Flag Tim SchenkenSports MotorsBrabham BT28 (Ford)
3.Flag Emerson FittipaldiJim Russell Racing Driver SchoolLotus 59 (Ford)
4.Flag Mike KeensAuto Speed DevelopmentsTecno 69 (Ford)
5.Flag Jean-Pierre JaussaudMeubles Arnold TeamTecno 69 (Ford)
6.Flag David ColeCar ConsulantsBrabham BT21 (Ford)
7.Flag Cyd WilliamsGoodwin RacingChevron B15 (Ford)
8.Flag Giorgio PiantaScuderia Jolly ClubChevron B15 (Ford)
9.Flag Peter DealBrabham BT18 (Ford)
10.Flag Jean-Pierre JarierMeubles Arnold TeamTecno 68 (Ford)
11.Flag Lars-Åke TejbyBrabham BT28 (Ford)
12.Flag David MartellCar PreparationsBrabham BT18 (Ford)
13.Flag Ronnie PetersonLotus ComponentsLotus 59 (Ford)
14.Flag Max BonninMatra MS5 (Ford)
15.Flag Brendan McInerneyChevron B15 (Ford)
16.Flag Norman FouldsBrabham BT21B (Ford)
17.Flag Alan HarveyPaul Watson Racing OrganisationBrabham BT28 (Ford)
18.Flag Ronald MacKayWilliam Dunnet & CoBrabham BT21 (Ford)
19.Flag Freddy LinkJürg Dubler Racing OrganisationTecno 69 (Ford)
20.Flag Pablo BreaEquipo ArgentinoMerlyn Mk 14 (Ford)
21.Flag Hartmut HoheiselTecno (Ford)
Flag Alain BoudierTecno (Ford)
Flag James HuntMotor Racing EnterprisesBrabham BT21 (Ford)
Flag Tetsu IkuzawaLotus 59 (Ford)
Flag Keith JuppP & M Race PreparationsBrabham BT28 (Ford)
Flag Barrie MaskellChevron B9 (Ford)
Flag François MazetTecno 69 (Ford)
Fastest lap
Flag Morris NunnGold Leaf Team LotusLotus 59 (Ford)
Flag Richard ScottPaul Watson Racing OrganisationChevron B15 (Ford)
Flag Harry StillerColchester Racing DevelopmentsMerlyn Mk 14 (Ford)
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