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Formula 2 Vanwall Trophy 1960 standings

Race results for Formula 2 Vanwall Trophy 1960

1.Flag Mike McKeeJim Russell Racing Drivers SchoolCooper T45 (Climax)
2.Flag Jackie LewisH & L MotorsCooper T45 (Climax)
3.Flag Tony MaggsEssex Racing TeamCooper T51 (Climax)
4.Flag Bruce HalfordJohn FisherCooper T45 (Climax)
5.Flag Tony MarshTony MarshCooper T45 (Climax)
7.Flag Ian RabyIan Raby RacingEnvoy (BMC)
8.Flag George LawtonNew Zealand International Grand Prix TeamCooper T45 (Climax)
9.Flag Keith FinneySpa Racing TeamLotus 16 (Climax)
10.Flag Bob HicksTeam ThercelLotus 16 (Climax)
11.Flag Marcus NivenMarcus NivenLotus 12 (Climax)
12.Flag Peter AshdownLola Cars LtdLola Mk 2 (Ford 105E)
13.Flag Ron CarterRon CarterCooper T45 (Climax)
14.Flag Sir John WhitmoreEssex Racing TeamCooper T51 (Climax)
15.Flag Geoff DukeR.H.H. ParnellLotus 18 (Climax)
16.Flag Gerry AshmoreGerry AshmoreCooper T43 (Climax)
17.Flag Klaas TwiskThe Tulip StableCooper T51 (Climax)
18.Flag Jack SearsYeoman Credit Racing TeamCooper T51 (Climax)
19.Flag Frank GardnerFrank GardnerLotus 12 (Climax)
20.Flag Denny HulmeNew Zealand International Grand Prix TeamCooper T45 (Climax)
21.Flag Roy SalvadoriHigh Efficiency MotorsCooper T51 (Climax)
22.Flag Anthony BrookeAnthony BrookeLotus 16 (Climax)
23.Flag Stan HartJBW Car CoCooper T43 (Climax)
24.Flag David WatsonGeorge HenrotteLotus 18 (Climax)
25.Flag Tim ParnellR.H.H. ParnellCooper T45 (Climax)
26.Flag John Campbell-JonesDRW EngineeringCooper T45 (Climax)
27.Flag Bernard CollombBernard CollombCooper T45 (Climax)
28.Flag Keith BallisatCooper (Climax)
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