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Formula 1600 Super Series 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the Formula 1600 Super Series 2018

Most race winsFlag Kellen Ritter
Most pole positionsFlag Kellen Ritter
Most podium positionsFlag Kellen Ritter
Most fastest race lapsFlag Kellen Ritter

Nationality of participating drivers

86%CanadaFlag Kellen Ritter, Matthew Taskinen, Marco Kacic, Zachary Vanier, Michael Adams, Logan Cusson, Graham Lobban, Craig Willis, Bertrand Godin, Danby Crowder, Connor Wagland, James Lindsay, Keith Lobban, Didier Schraenen, Dominic LeGrand, David Taylor, Mikhail Goikhberg, Steve Bodrug, Jason Sharpe, Mike Lee, Matt Gidman, Guillaume Archambault, Michel Bonnet, Serge Lacroix, Duncan Murdoch, Dany Lacroix, Robert Boyer, Michael Stewart, Michel LeGrand, Serge Bourdeau, Martin Verville, Mike Dodd, Kieran Murphy, Alexander Zeller, Bill Tebbutt, Lee Racicot, Alexandre Legare, Bruce Kitchen, Andrew Dobbie, Charles Courtois, David McGinnis, James Britnell, Martin Brousseau, Andrew Mason, Tony Cove, Kevin Kapelke, Noel Castell, Michael McGregor, Brent McPhail49
12.3%U.S.A.Flag Jake Craig, Spike Kohlbecker, Joe Colasacco, Charles Anti, Hanna Zellers, Ron Beard, Anson Pfaff7
1.8%Great BritainFlag Ross Drybrough1

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 Formula 1600 Super Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adams, MichaelFlag n/a
Anti, CharlesFlag n/a
Archambault, GuillaumeFlag n/a
Beard, RonFlag n/a
Bodrug, SteveFlag n/a
Bonnet, MichelFlag n/a
Bourdeau, SergeFlag n/a
Boyer, RobertFlag n/a
Britnell, JamesFlag n/a
Brousseau, MartinFlag n/a
Castell, NoelFlag n/a
Colasacco, JoeFlag n/a
Courtois, CharlesFlag n/a
Cove, TonyFlag n/a
Craig, JakeFlag 20 y/o
Crowder, DanbyFlag n/a
Cusson, LoganFlag 18 y/o
Dobbie, AndrewFlag n/a
Dodd, MikeFlag n/a
Drybrough, RossFlag n/a
Gidman, MattFlag n/a
Godin, BertrandFlag 50 y/o
Goikhberg, MikhailFlag 31 y/o
Kacic, MarcoFlag n/a
Kapelke, KevinFlag n/a
Kitchen, BruceFlag n/a
Kohlbecker, SpikeFlag 15 y/o
Lacroix, DanyFlag n/a
Lacroix, SergeFlag n/a
Lee, MikeFlag n/a
Legare, AlexandreFlag n/a
LeGrand, DominicFlag n/a
LeGrand, MichelFlag n/a
Lindsay, JamesFlag n/a
Lobban, GrahamFlag n/a
Lobban, KeithFlag n/a
Mason, AndrewFlag n/a
McGinnis, DavidFlag n/a
McGregor, MichaelFlag n/a
McPhail, BrentFlag n/a
Murdoch, DuncanFlag n/a
Murphy, KieranFlag 55 y/o
Pfaff, AnsonFlag n/a
Racicot, LeeFlag n/a
Ritter, KellenFlag 17 y/o114833
Schraenen, DidierFlag 52 y/o
Sharpe, JasonFlag n/a
Stewart, MichaelFlag n/a
Taskinen, MatthewFlag n/a
Taylor, DavidFlag 45 y/o
Tebbutt, BillFlag n/a
Vanier, ZacharyFlag n/a
Verville, MartinFlag n/a
Wagland, ConnorFlag n/a
Willis, CraigFlag n/a
Zeller, AlexanderFlag n/a
Zellers, HannaFlag 21 y/o
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