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Formula 1 Race of Champions 1973 standings

Race results for Formula 1 Race of Champions 1973

1.Flag Peter GethinChevron RacingChevron B24Chevrolet 5.0Firestone
2.Flag Denny HulmeYardley Team McLarenMcLaren M23Cosworth DFV 3.0Goodyear
3.Flag James HuntHesketh RacingSurtees TS9BCosworth DFV 3.0Firestone
4.Flag Tony TrimmerFrank Williams Racing CarsIso-Marlboro FX3BCosworth DFV 3.0Firestone
5.Flag Tony DeanAnglo-American RacingChevron B24Chevrolet 5.0
6.Flag Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMarlboro BRMBRM P160BRM 3.0Firestone
Pole position
Fastest lap
7.Flag Tom BelsøShellsport LuxembourgLola T330Chevrolet 5.0Firestone
8.Flag Ray AllenServis RacingSurtees TS8Chevrolet 5.0
9.Flag Clive SantoShellsport LuxembourgSurtees TS11Chevrolet 5.0
10.Flag Ian AshleyIan AshleyLola T330Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
11.Flag Bob BrownAnglo-American RacingChevron B24Chevrolet 5.0
12.Flag Gijs van LennepShellsport LuxembourgLola T330Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
13.Flag Jock RussellJock RussellMcRae GM1Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Clive BakerClive BakerMcLaren M10BChevrolet 5.0
Flag John BowtellAndrew CarvellMcLaren M10ARover 5.0
Flag Guy EdwardsBarclays International RacingLola T330Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Bob EvansMcKechnie Racing OrganisationTrojan T101Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Chris FeatherstoneChris FeatherstoneLola T190Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Emerson FittipaldiJohn Player Team LotusLotus 72ECosworth DFV 3.0Goodyear
Flag Howden GanleyFrank Williams Racing CarsIso-Marlboro FX3BCosworth DFV 3.0Firestone
Flag John GunnJohn GunnMarch 73AChevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Mike HailwoodBrooke Bond Oxo Team SurteesSurtees TS14ACosworth DFV 3.0Firestone
Flag Graham HillHill RacingBrabham BT37Cosworth DFV 3.0Goodyear
Flag David HobbsHogan RacingLola T330Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Keith HollandIan Ward RacingTrojan T101Chevrolet 5.0Firestone
Flag Colin HyamsColin HyamsLola T330Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Niki LaudaMarlboro BRMBRM P160DBRM 3.0Firestone
Fastest lap
Flag Brett LungerHogan RacingLola T330Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Graham McRaeTeam McRaeMcRae GM1Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Ronnie PetersonJohn Player Team LotusLotus 72ECosworth DFV 3.0Goodyear
Fastest lap
Flag Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSMcLaren M22Chevrolet 5.0Goodyear
Flag Jody ScheckterYardley Team McLaren, Sid Taylor RacingMcLaren M19C
Trojan T101
Cosworth DFV 3.0
Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Vern SchuppanTeam BRMBRM P160DBRM 3.0Firestone
Flag Chris ShawChris ShawLola T190Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Peter TesterChris ShawLeda LT25Chevrolet 5.0
Flag Steve ThompsonServis RacingChevron B24Chevrolet 5.0Firestone
Flag John WatsonMotor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT42Cosworth DFV 3.0Goodyear
Flag Willie WoodWillie WoodMcLaren M14AChevrolet 5.0
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