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BGreen Waterless Car Clean 1 Hour 2014 standings

Race results for BGreen Waterless Car Clean 1 Hour 2014

1.Flag Peter NankervisHyundai Excel
1.Flag Brett ParrishHyundai Excel
2.Flag Jason LansdellHyundai Excel
2.Flag Wayne WakefieldHyundai Excel
Pole position
3.Flag Steven HayHyundai Excel
3.Flag David OberhoferHyundai Excel
4.Flag Gary BeggsHyundai Excel
Fastest lap
4.Flag Jasen HannaganHyundai Excel
5.Flag Luke AndersonHyundai Excel
5.Flag Rowan StanfieldHyundai Excel
6.Flag Steven CookHyundai Excel
6.Flag Wayne CookHyundai Excel
7.Flag Micheal AntonieffHyundai Excel
7.Flag Michael TuckwoodHyundai Excel
8.Flag Michael GoughHyundai Excel
8.Flag Matt RossHyundai Excel
9.Flag Thomas Saunter-ChunHyundai Excel
9.Flag Darren WhittingtonHyundai Excel
10.Flag Tony HambleyHyundai Excel
10.Flag Brett KennedyHyundai Excel
11.Flag Josh BrittainHyundai Excel
12.Flag Female Bronte MichaelHyundai Excel
12.Flag Michael WedgeHyundai Excel
13.Flag Peter ClarkeHyundai Excel
13.Flag Paul WhalenHyundai Excel
14.Flag Jared PredoHyundai Excel
15.Flag Daniel PeaseyHyundai Excel
15.Flag Bradley SmithHyundai Excel
16.Flag Andrew BondHyundai Excel
17.Flag Tony GrantHyundai Excel
17.Flag Steve McCallumHyundai Excel
18.Flag Danny OsborneHyundai Excel
18.Flag Stephen TameHyundai Excel
19.Flag Sean EnglishHyundai Excel
19.Flag Clifford SedgleyHyundai Excel
20.Flag Simon RitchieHyundai Excel
21.Flag Bart LucasHyundai Excel
22.Flag David RichardsonHyundai Excel
22.Flag Brock TaylorHyundai Excel
Flag Cameron BartholomewHyundai Excel
Flag Glenn BartholomewHyundai Excel
Flag Female Mikarla BellHyundai Excel
Flag Kyle DalyHyundai Excel
Flag Paul HibberdHyundai Excel
Flag Scott KellyHyundai Excel
Flag Andrew KnightHyundai Excel
Flag Steve LawHyundai Excel
Flag Liam TalbotHyundai Excel
Flag Simon WintersHyundai Excel
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