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Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints Tour 2021 standings

Championship points standings for the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints Tour 2021

Most race winsFlag Jason Barney
Most podium positionsFlag Paulie Colagiovanni
Most podium positions without a winFlag Shawn Donath
Most fastest race lapsFlag Chuck Hebing

Nationality of participating drivers

97.3%U.S.A.Flag Davie Franek, Matt Farnham, Paulie Colagiovanni, Danny Varin, Denny Peebles, Dylan Swiernik, Joe Trenca, Kelly Hebing, Chad Miller, Jeff Cook, Dan Craun, Keith Granholm, Tyler Cartier, Jason Barney, Matt Tanner, Chuck Hebing, Scott Kreutter, Shawn Donath, Jake Karklin, Darryl Ruggles, Dan Bennett, Nick Fratto, Sammy Reakes IV, Scott Just, Billy van Inwegen Jr, Parker Evans, Jeremy Barnard, Dalton Herrick, Scott Holcomb, Clint Roehrs, Thomas Radivoy, Jeremiah Munson, Lacey Hanson, Larry Wight, Jonathan Preston, Tommy Wickham, Joe Kata III, Dallas Schott, Zack Burd, Chase Moran, Mike Stelter, John Smith, Bobby Parrow, Alysha Ruggles, Dave Marcuccilli, Clayton Brewer III, Aaron Jacobus, Floyd Billington, Don Sharp Jr, Cory Sparks, Travis Billington, Link Pettit, Brett Wright, Kyle Smith, Chris Donnelly, Clay Dow, Caleb Lamson, Will Hull, Jordan Fornwalt, Jake Williams, Mike Netishen, Carl Eldridge, Rick Stone, Steve Glover, Erik Karlsen, Jeff Halligan, Jared Zimbardi, Brian Preston, Emily van Inwegen, Tyler Trump, Kyle Drum71
2.7%CanadaFlag Josh Pieniazek, Ryan Coniam2

Individual driver statistics for the 2021 Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints Tour

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barnard, JeremyFlag 43 y/o20000
Barney, JasonFlag 41 y/o154702
Bennett, DanFlag n/a20000
Billington, FloydFlag n/a40000
Billington, TravisFlag n/a10000
Brewer III, ClaytonFlag n/a10000
Burd, ZackFlag n/a20000
Cartier, TylerFlag n/a140000
Colagiovanni, PaulieFlag n/a152100
Coniam, RyanFlag n/a30000
Cook, JeffFlag 50 y/o15020
Craun, DanFlag n/a10000
Donath, ShawnFlag 49 y/o150300
Donnelly, ChrisFlag 48 y/o1110
Dow, ClayFlag n/a10000
Drum, KyleFlag n/a10000
Eldridge, CarlFlag n/a10000
Evans, ParkerFlag n/a40000
Farnham, MattFlag n/a5120
Fornwalt, JordanFlag n/a10000
Franek, DavieFlag n/a131200
Fratto, NickFlag n/a70000
Glover, SteveFlag n/a10000
Granholm, KeithFlag n/a110000
Halligan, JeffFlag n/a10000
Hanson, LaceyFlag n/a140000
Hebing, ChuckFlag 57 y/o142404
Hebing, KellyFlag 26 y/o140100
Herrick, DaltonFlag n/a70000
Holcomb, ScottFlag n/a13010
Hull, WillFlag n/a10000
Jacobus, AaronFlag n/a20000
Just, ScottFlag n/a20000
Karklin, JakeFlag n/a130000
Karlsen, ErikFlag n/a10000
Kata III, JoeFlag n/a10000
Kreutter, ScottFlag n/a30000
Lamson, CalebFlag n/a10000
Marcuccilli, DaveFlag n/a20000
Miller, ChadFlag n/a14010
Moran, ChaseFlag n/a40000
Munson, JeremiahFlag n/a20000
Netishen, MikeFlag n/a10000
Parrow, BobbyFlag n/a40000
Peebles, DennyFlag n/a120000
Pettit, LinkFlag n/a10000
Pieniazek, JoshFlag n/a5110
Preston, BrianFlag n/a20000
Preston, JonathanFlag 33 y/o70000
Radivoy, ThomasFlag n/a10000
Reakes IV, SammyFlag n/a110101
Roehrs, ClintFlag n/a10000
Ruggles, AlyshaFlag n/a10000
Ruggles, DarrylFlag 55 y/o30000
Schott, DallasFlag n/a10000
Sharp Jr, DonFlag n/a20000
Smith, JohnFlag n/a40000
Smith, KyleFlag n/a10000
Sparks, CoryFlag 34 y/o20000
Stelter, MikeFlag n/a30000
Stone, RickFlag n/a10000
Swiernik, DylanFlag 27 y/o14010
Tanner, MattFlag n/a151302
Trenca, JoeFlag n/a9010
Trump, TylerFlag n/a20000
van Inwegen, EmilyFlag n/a10000
van Inwegen Jr, BillyFlag 28 y/o90101
Varin, DannyFlag n/a150200
Wickham, TommyFlag n/a91100
Wight, LarryFlag n/a52201
Williams, JakeFlag n/a10000
Wright, BrettFlag n/a10000
Zimbardi, JaredFlag 34 y/o30100
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