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Earl Howe Trophy 2021 standings

Race results for Earl Howe Trophy 2021

1.Flag Lukas HalusaBugatti T35BBugatti 2.3 s/c
2.Flag Garry PearsonAlfa Romeo 8C 2600 MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.6 s/c
Pole position
Fastest lap
3.Flag James WoodBugatti T35BBugatti 2.3 s/c
4.Flag Patrick Blakeney-EdwardsAlfa Romeo 8C 2300 MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.3 s/c
5.Flag Duncan PittawayBugatti T35Bugatti 2.0
6.Flag Michael BirchTalbot AV105Talbot 3.0
7.Flag Clive MorleyBentley 3/4.5 litreBentley 4.4
8.Flag Christopher MannAlfa Romeo 8C 2600 MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.6 s/c
9.Flag Rupert ClevelyAlfa Romeo 8C 2300 MonzaAlfa Romeo 2.3 s/c
10.Flag Gareth BurnettLea Francis HyperMeadows 1.5 s/c
11.Flag Edward WilliamsFrazer Nash N?rburgMeadows 1.5
12.Flag Frederic WakemanFrazer Nash TT ReplicaMeadows 1.5
13.Flag Female Sue DarbyshireMorgan Super AeroJAP 1.2
14.Flag Martin OveringtonBentley 4½ Litre BlowerBentley 4.4 s/c
15.Flag Iain StewartMorgan Super AeroJAP 1.3
16.Flag Andrew HallFrazer Nash TT ReplicaMeadows 1.5
17.Flag Christopher LunnTalbot AV105Talbot 3.0
18.Flag William MedcalfBentley 4½ Litre "Le Mans"Bentley 4.4
19.Flag Teifion SalisburyMG K3Morris 1.1 s/c
20.Flag Duncan PotterMG C-typeMorris 0.7
21.Flag David BrazellLea Francis R-typeMeadows 1.5 s/c
22.Flag Marshall BaileyBugatti T35CBugatti 2.0 s/c
23.Flag Barry FosterMG C-typeMorris 0.7
Flag Jeremy BrewsterLea Francis HyperMeadows 1.5 s/c
Flag Timothy DuttonBugatti T51Bugatti 2.3 s/c
Flag Nick RossiAlfa Romeo 6C 1750GSAlfa Romeo 1.8 s/c
Flag Lucas SlijpenAmilcar C6Amilcar 1.1 s/c
Flag Andrew SmithFrazer Nash N?rburgMeadows 1.5
Flag Bo WilliamsBugatti T35BBugatti 2.3 s/c
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