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Dixie Cup Triple Crown Series 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Dixie Cup Triple Crown Series 2009

Most race winsFlag Dakota Carlson
Flag John Doering,Jr.
Most pole positionsFlag Harold Fair, Jr.
Flag Brent Jack
Most podium positionsFlag Dakota Carlson
Flag Mike Root
Most podium positions without a winFlag Mike Root

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Chad Bennett, Dakota Carlson, Mike Root, Johnny Belott, Mike Luberda, John Grega, Harold Fair, Jr., Eric Lee, Justin Schroeder, Gene Quackenbush, Scott Pemberton, John Doering,Jr., Jay Reinbold, Ken O'Connor, Guy Pritchard, Steve Sauve, Cliff Pulley, Chad Finley, Scott Hantz, Brent Jack, Steve Cronenwett, Jr., Jack Varney, Jr., Ron Allen, Dennis Strickland, Tim Ryan, Andrew Hagen, Jared Allison, Chris Hettinger, Mike Leinberger, Todd Rosebrugh, Dave Sensiba, Monte Tolan, Dave Stehouwer, Stan Yee, Jr., Jason Burkhart, Kenny Mathews, Donald Burkhart37

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Dixie Cup Triple Crown Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, RonFlag n/a1000
Allison, JaredFlag n/a1000
Belott, JohnnyFlag n/a2010
Bennett, ChadFlag n/a2000
Burkhart, DonaldFlag n/a00000
Burkhart, JasonFlag n/a00000
Carlson, DakotaFlag n/a2120
Cronenwett, Jr., SteveFlag n/a1000
Doering,Jr., JohnFlag n/a1110
Fair, Jr., HaroldFlag n/a2001
Finley, ChadFlag 17 y/o1000
Grega, JohnFlag 52 y/o2000
Hagen, AndrewFlag n/a1000
Hantz, ScottFlag 46 y/o1000
Hettinger, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Jack, BrentFlag n/a1001
Lee, EricFlag n/a2000
Leinberger, MikeFlag n/a1000
Luberda, MikeFlag n/a1000
Mathews, KennyFlag n/a00000
O'Connor, KenFlag n/a1000
Pemberton, ScottFlag n/a2000
Pritchard, GuyFlag n/a1000
Pulley, CliffFlag n/a1000
Quackenbush, GeneFlag n/a2000
Reinbold, JayFlag n/a2000
Root, MikeFlag 34 y/o2020
Rosebrugh, ToddFlag n/a1000
Ryan, TimFlag n/a1000
Sauve, SteveFlag n/a1000
Schroeder, JustinFlag n/a2000
Sensiba, DaveFlag n/a1000
Stehouwer, DaveFlag n/a00000
Strickland, DennisFlag 51 y/o1000
Tolan, MonteFlag 41 y/o00000
Varney, Jr., JackFlag n/a1000
Yee, Jr., StanFlag n/a00000
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