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Rowdy's Revenge 251 2010 standings

Race results for Rowdy's Revenge 251 2010

1.Flag Kyle Busch
2.Flag Chase Elliott
3.Flag Ross KensethFord
4.Flag Boris Jurkovic
5.Flag Chris Anthony
6.Flag John VanDoorn
7.Flag Dale BlaneyDB Racing
8.Flag Robbie Pyle
9.Flag Joey Miller
10.Flag Ross MeeuwsenFord
11.Flag Alec Carll
12.Flag Chris Koslek
13.Flag Jordan Dahlke
14.Flag Seth Moody
15.Flag Caleb Bisacky
16.Flag Brandon WatsonMcColl Racing Enterprises
17.Flag Nick Bonstell
18.Flag Terry VanHaitsma
Pole position
19.Flag Jay Niewiek
20.Flag Tim Curry
21.Flag Phil Bozell
22.Flag Andy Ponstein
23.Flag Brian Campbell
Fastest lap
24.Flag David StremmeLane Automotive
25.Flag Mike Bursley
26.Flag Female Rebecca KastenKasten Motorsports
27.Flag Keith Herp
28.Flag Rick SenneckerDahlke Motorsports
29.Flag Scott Hantz
30.Flag Justin Ryan
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