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13th Annual Chili Bowl Midget Nationals 1999 standings

Race results for 13th Annual Chili Bowl Midget Nationals 1999

1.Flag Dan Boorse
2.Flag Cory Kruseman
3.Flag Sammy SwindellStealth (Gaerte)
4.Flag Steve KnepperWalter Knepper
5.Flag Jimmy Sills
6.Flag Ronnie Day
7.Flag Jerry Coons Jr.
8.Flag Tracy Hines
9.Flag J. J. Yeley
10.Flag Donnie Beechler
11.Flag Kevin DotyWilke-Pak Motorsports
12.Flag Bryan Stanfill
13.Flag Matthew Douglas Westfall
14.Flag Jay Drake
15.Flag Joe Boyles
16.Flag Jason Leffler
17.Flag Steve KinserJohn Lawson
18.Flag Kevin Olson
19.Flag Daryn Pittman
20.Flag Andy Hillenburg
21.Flag Danny LasoskiLarry Brown
22.Flag Gary Wright
Flag Bill Allen
Flag Kevin Ames
Flag Steve Aplin
Flag Tom Apple
Flag Roland Ayo
Flag Bill Baue
Flag Tony Beaber
Flag Bobby Boone
Flag Larry Brown
Flag Mike Bymaster
Flag Richard David Camfield
Flag David Camfield Jr
Flag David Camfield Sr
Flag Roy Caruthers
Flag Wayne Chinn
Flag Jimmy Christian
Flag Lou Cicconi Jr
Flag Dave Darland
Flag Alan Davis
Flag Richie Dewell
Flag Jeff Dickerson
Flag Bruce Donaldson Jr
Flag Jimmy Drinan
Flag Andy Eatwell
Flag Tom Eatwell
Flag Tony Edmondson
Flag Tony Elliott
Flag Chad Farmer
Flag Jeremy Farmer
Flag A J Felker
Flag A.J. Fike
Flag Aaron Fike
Flag Jeff Flesher
Flag Dean Franklin
Flag Nick Geranio
Flag Brian Harvill
Flag Scott Hatton
Flag Mike Hess
Flag Jack Hewitt
Flag John Heydenreich
Flag Jerrod Hull
Flag Ricky Johnson
Flag Bud Kaeding
Flag Ron Kuhn
Flag Donnie Lehmann
Flag Kenny Lewis
Flag Tim Lewis
Flag John Lucas
Flag Greg Lueckert
Flag Critter Malone
Flag Dennis Mann
Flag Robert Marfia Jr
Flag Jerry Marks
Flag Gary McNabb
Flag Jim McVay
Flag Tim McVay
Flag Dennis Miller
Flag Roger Miller
Flag Nick Mitchell
Flag Johnny Murdock
Flag Kevin Myers
Flag Scott Nail
Flag Randy Nigg
Flag Nick O'Neal
Flag Kurt Osterbuhr
Flag Jeff Palazzio
Flag Doc Parsons
Flag Mark Passerrelli
Flag Billy Pauch
Flag Andy Pierce
Flag Keith Rauch
Flag Barry Reed
Flag Michael Roselli Jr
Flag Sandy Rushing
Flag Jim Sawyer
Flag Greg Schaefer
Flag Shane Scully
Flag Phil Shapel
Flag Ricky Shelton
Flag Chris Shoulders
Flag Matt Streeter
Flag Glen Stubblefield Jr
Flag J D Turner
Flag Jack Walker
Flag Lee Walther
Flag Scott Weyant
Flag Coy White
Flag Don White
Flag Edwin Wilson
Flag John Wolfe
Flag Howard Worrell
Flag Stan Yockey
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