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Chichester Cup 2021 standings

Race results for Chichester Cup 2021

1.Flag Peter de la RocheLola Mk.2Ford 1.1
Pole position
2.Flag Will MitchamU2 Mk.2Ford 1.1
3.Flag Christopher DrakeTerrier Mk.4Ford 1.1
4.Flag Ray MallockU2 Mk.2Ford 1.1
5.Flag Simon GoodliffNike Mk.1BMC 1.1
6.Flag Alex MortonCondor S2Ford 1.1
7.Flag Robin LongdonLola Mk.2Ford 1.1
8.Flag Stéphane ReyScorpion FJFord 1.1
9.Flag Crispian BesleyElva 100BMC 1.1
10.Flag Colin NurseyHuffaker Mk.1BMC 1.1
11.Flag Robin LackfordElva 100BMC 1.1
12.Flag Magnus AhlqvistStanguellini FJFiat 1.0
13.Flag John ArnoldElva 100BMC 1.1
14.Flag Mark HaynesNota FJBMC 1.1
15.Flag Graham BarronGemini Mk.2BMC 1.1
16.Flag Daniele SalodiniTaraschi FJFiat 1.0
17.Flag Duncan RabagliatiAlexis HF1BMC 1.1
18.Flag Richard Bishop-MillerAutosport Mk.2Standard 1.0
19.Flag Tony PearsonBandini FJFiat 1.0
20.Flag Malcolm WishartFaranda FJFiat 1.0
21.Flag Female Sharon AdelmanOSCA FJOSCA 1.0
22.Flag Roger WoodbridgeVolpini FJFiat 1.0
Flag Robert BarrieStanguellini FJFiat 1.0
Flag Edward BishopMitter M60DKW 1.0
Flag Joe ColasaccoStanguellini FJFiat 1.0
Flag Timothy de SilvaLola Mk.2Ford 1.1
Flag Justin FlemingLola Mk.2Ford 1.1
Flag Andrew HibberdLola Mk.2Ford 1.1
Fastest lap
Flag Kevin MussonDolphin Mk.1Ford 1.1
Flag Stuart RoachAlexis Mk.2Ford 1.1
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