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74th Members Meeting Brooks Trophy 2016 standings

Race results for 74th Members Meeting Brooks Trophy 2016

1.Flag Barry CannellCooper T51Coventry Climax 2.5
Pole position
2.Flag Nick AdamsFerguson P99Coventry Climax 2.5
3.Flag John ChisholmLotus 18Coventry Climax 2.5
4.Flag Paul SmeethLotus 18Coventry Climax 2.5
5.Flag Tony SmithFerrari 246 DinoFerrari 2.5
6.Flag Barrie BaxterBRM P25BRM 2.5
7.Flag Marshall BaileyLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.5
8.Flag Mathias SieleckiCooper T51Coventry Climax 2.5
9.Flag William NuthallCooper T51Maserati 2.5
10.Flag Marc ValvekensAston Martin DBR4/250Aston Martin 2.5
11.Flag Mark HalesMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
12.Flag Manuel EliçabeCooper T51Coventry Climax 2.5
13.Flag Michael SteeleConnaught Type CAlta 2.5
14.Flag Gregor FiskenFerrari 246 DinoFerrari 2.5
Fastest lap
15.Flag Lukas HalusaMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
16.Flag Alain de CadenetAston Martin DBR4/250Aston Martin 2.5
17.Flag Graham AdelmanMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
18.Flag Jeffrey O'NeillMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
19.Flag Simon DiffeyMaserati 250FMaserati 2.5
20.Flag Tim BaileyJBW Type 1Maserati 2.5
21.Flag Steve TillackLancia D50Lancia 2.5
22.Flag Christopher LunnCooper T45Coventry Climax 2.5
23.Flag Franck TrouillardLotus 16Coventry Climax 2.5
Flag Stephen BondLotus 18Coventry Climax 2.5
Flag Malcolm CookCooper T43Coventry Climax 2.0
Flag Paul GriffinCooper T51Coventry Climax 2.5
Flag Michael HibberdCooper T45/51Coventry Climax 2.5
Flag Garry PearsonCooper T51Maserati 2.5
Flag Richard WilsonCooper T51Coventry Climax 2.5
Flag Sam WilsonCooper T45Coventry Climax 2.5
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