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Brisbane International Speedway - Sprintcar Piston Cup 2016 standings

Race results for Brisbane International Speedway - Sprintcar Piston Cup 2016

1.Flag Kerry MadsenKeneric Racing
2.Flag Andrew Scheuerle
Fastest lap
3.Flag Brooke TatnellKrikke MotorsportCool (Maxwill)
4.Flag Donny Schatz
5.Flag Steven LinesHalls Motorsport
6.Flag Luke Oldfield
7.Flag David MurcottDave Horrell Motorsport
8.Flag Brad Sweet
9.Flag Lachlan McHugh
10.Flag Ian Madsen
11.Flag James McFaddenTeam 25
12.Flag Bryan Mann
13.Flag Mark Pholi
14.Flag Darren Jensen
15.Flag Ryan Jones
16.Flag Callum Walker
17.Flag Kevin Titman
18.Flag Dave Fanning
19.Flag Andrew Wright
20.Flag Allan Woods
21.Flag Brandon Rawlings
22.Flag Andrew Liebke
23.Flag Darren Silcock
24.Flag Paul MorrisPaul Morris Motorsport
25.Flag Jayden Peacock
26.Flag Scott Doyle
27.Flag Brad Ayres
28.Flag Dale Shilleto
29.Flag Brent Kratzmann
30.Flag Clem Hoffmans
31.Flag Bruce Marshall
32.Flag Anthony Vanderreyden
Flag Female Kristy Bonsey
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