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Bay Cities Racing Association Outdoor Midget Championship 2014 standings

Championship points standings for the Bay Cities Racing Association Outdoor Midget Championship 2014


Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Chad Nichols, Gary Conterno, Floyd Alvis, J R Williams, Nick Chivello, Rick Holbrook, Bill Lindsey, Darin Snider, Sean-Mikael Dodenhoff, Brian Gard, Barry Pries Jr, Shannon McQueen, Michael Donaldson, Taylor Simas, Tanner Swanson, David Goodwill, Cody Gerhardt, Rick Cook II, Scott Kinney, Michael Snider, Scott Pierovich, Jodi Snider, Alex Schutte, Mark Malipaard, Britton Bock, Matt Streeter, Frankie Guerrini, Richard VanderWeerd, Lauren Snider, Kevin Morris, Sparky Howard, David Prickett, Jeff Herrington, Dan Parker, Doug Hunting, Brett Felkins, Pete Davis, Terry Tarditi, Quintin Crye39

Individual driver statistics for the 2014 Bay Cities Racing Association Outdoor Midget Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alvis, FloydFlag n/a000
Bock, BrittonFlag n/a000
Chivello, NickFlag n/a000
Conterno, GaryFlag n/a000
Cook II, RickFlag n/a000
Crye, QuintinFlag n/a000
Davis, PeteFlag n/a000
Dodenhoff, Sean-MikaelFlag n/a000
Donaldson, MichaelFlag n/a000
Felkins, BrettFlag 20 y/o000
Gard, BrianFlag n/a000
Gerhardt, CodyFlag n/a000
Goodwill, DavidFlag n/a000
Guerrini, FrankieFlag n/a000
Herrington, JeffFlag n/a000
Holbrook, RickFlag n/a000
Howard, SparkyFlag n/a000
Hunting, DougFlag n/a000
Kinney, ScottFlag n/a000
Lindsey, BillFlag n/a000
Malipaard, MarkFlag n/a000
McQueen, ShannonFlag n/a000
Morris, KevinFlag n/a000
Nichols, ChadFlag 37 y/o000
Parker, DanFlag n/a000
Pierovich, ScottFlag 26 y/o000
Prickett, DavidFlag n/a000
Pries Jr, BarryFlag n/a000
Schutte, AlexFlag 25 y/o000
Simas, TaylorFlag n/a000
Snider, DarinFlag 27 y/o000
Snider, JodiFlag n/a000
Snider, LaurenFlag n/a000
Snider, MichaelFlag n/a000
Streeter, MattFlag 32 y/o000
Swanson, TannerFlag 23 y/o000
Tarditi, TerryFlag n/a000
VanderWeerd, RichardFlag n/a000
Williams, J R Flag n/a000
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