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Bahrain GT Festival - GT3 2004 standings

Race results for Bahrain GT Festival - GT3 2004

1.Flag Christophe BouchutRSGLamborghini Diablo GTR
Pole position
1.Flag Philippe CharriolRSGLamborghini Diablo GTR
Pole position
2.Flag Edward GrouwelsUS CarworldDodge Viper Competition Coupe
Fastest lap
2.Flag René WijnenUS CarworldDodge Viper Competition Coupe
Fastest lap
3.Flag Frank ColasPilotage PassionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
3.Flag Cyril HéliasPilotage PassionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
4.Flag Roland BervilléLarbre CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
4.Flag Jack LeconteLarbre CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
5.Flag Gregorio TunonMMC/AutovitesseLamborghini Diablo GTR
5.Flag Albert von Thurn und TaxisMMC/AutovitesseLamborghini Diablo GTR
6.Flag Fabien GiroixFirst RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
6.Flag David TuchbantFirst RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
7.Flag Phil KeenTech 9Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
7.Flag Dominic LesniewskiTech 9Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
8.Flag Nicolas MantezRuffier CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup

8.Flag Nicolas MantezRuffier CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup

9.Flag Keith AhlersTeam AeroMorgan Aero 8 GT
9.Flag Aaron ScottTeam AeroMorgan Aero 8 GT
10.Flag Marco AttardDAMAXFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
10.Flag Robin WardDAMAXFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
11.Flag Ted ReddickDAMAXFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
11.Flag Kevin RileyDAMAXFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
12.Flag Rob FrijnsUS CarworldPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
12.Flag Xavier MaassenUS CarworldPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
13.Flag Robert MalherbePilotage PassionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
13.Flag Philippe SmaniottoPilotage PassionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
14.Flag Manuel AmadoFirst RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
14.Flag Manuel MonteiroFirst RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
15.Flag Bert MoritzDFL-RacingPanoz Esperante GTS Cup
15.Flag Mirco SchultisDFL-RacingPanoz Esperante GTS Cup
16.Flag Michel BaudoinRuffier CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
16.Flag Jean-Claude RuffierRuffier CompetitionPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
17.Flag Nick AdcockEurotechPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
17.Flag Stuart ScottEurotechPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
18.Flag Steve FarthingDAMAXFerrari F355 Challenge
18.Flag Mike FurnessDAMAXFerrari F355 Challenge
19.Flag Paul MaceJaz PorschePorsche 996 GT3 Cup
19.Flag Craig RappJaz PorschePorsche 996 GT3 Cup
20.Flag Gary CulverDamaxFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
20.Flag David GraceDAMAXFerrari 360 Modena Challenge
Flag Chris BeightonTeam TigerMarcos Mantis
Flag Nicolas ComarMMC/AutovitesseLamborghini Diablo GTR
Flag Jon FinnemoreTeam TigerMarcos Mantis
Flag Michel MhitarianMMC/AutovitesseLamborghini Diablo GTR
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