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Badger Midget Series 1999 standings

Championship points standings for the Badger Midget Series 1999


Nationality of participating drivers

96.3%U.S.A.Flag Dave Ray, Dan Boorse, Boyd Calvert, Scott Hatton, Randy Koch, Doug Schenck, Brad Weber, Randy Fiscus, Kevin Koch, Chad DeSelle, Jerry Coons Jr., Kevin Doty, Marty Davis, Brandon Waelti, Kevin Olson, Aaron Fiscus, Rick Mueller, John Jones, Alex Crimmings, Dean Billings, Roger Corrigan, Dean Erfurth, Mike Hess, Ron Fredenberg, Rick Labrosse, Nick Lundgreen, Greg Granath, Wes Carner, Tom Bartz, Richard David Camfield, Aaron Fike, John Callahan, Doug Canham, Rich Giertz, Rick Treadway, Mark Biscontine, Rob Keelan, Critter Malone, Jason Stefan, Chris Patterson, David Camfield Sr, Craig Carey, Kris Hoegstad, Randy Polewczynski, Al Olson, Bob Mueller Jr, Harold Bakken, John Winstrup, John Bakken, Quinn McCabe, Roger Miller, Brett Huston52
3.7%AustraliaFlag Adam Clarke, Steven Graham2

Individual driver statistics for the 1999 Badger Midget Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bakken, HaroldFlag n/a000
Bakken, JohnFlag n/a000
Bartz, TomFlag n/a0
Billings, DeanFlag n/a0
Biscontine, MarkFlag n/a0
Boorse, DanFlag 38 y/o0
Callahan, JohnFlag n/a0
Calvert, BoydFlag n/a0
Camfield, Richard DavidFlag 33 y/o0
Camfield Sr, DavidFlag n/a000
Canham, DougFlag n/a0
Carey, CraigFlag n/a000
Carner, WesFlag n/a0
Clarke, AdamFlag 24 y/o0
Coons Jr., JerryFlag 27 y/o0
Corrigan, RogerFlag n/a0
Crimmings, AlexFlag n/a0
Davis, MartyFlag 41 y/o0
DeSelle, ChadFlag 20 y/o0
Doty, KevinFlag 37 y/o0
Erfurth, DeanFlag 42 y/o0
Fike, AaronFlag 16 y/o0
Fiscus, AaronFlag 25 y/o0
Fiscus, RandyFlag 36 y/o0
Fredenberg, RonFlag 42 y/o0
Giertz, RichFlag n/a0
Graham, StevenFlag n/a0
Granath, GregFlag n/a0
Hatton, ScottFlag n/a0
Hess, MikeFlag 23 y/o0
Hoegstad, KrisFlag n/a000
Huston, BrettFlag n/a0000
Jones, JohnFlag n/a0
Keelan, RobFlag n/a0
Koch, KevinFlag n/a0
Koch, RandyFlag 37 y/o0
Labrosse, RickFlag n/a0
Lundgreen, NickFlag n/a0
Malone, CritterFlag 30 y/o0
McCabe, QuinnFlag n/a000
Miller, RogerFlag 30 y/o000
Mueller, RickFlag n/a0
Mueller Jr, BobFlag n/a000
Olson, AlFlag n/a000
Olson, KevinFlag 48 y/o0
Patterson, ChrisFlag n/a000
Polewczynski, RandyFlag n/a000
Ray, DaveFlag n/a0
Schenck, DougFlag n/a0
Stefan, JasonFlag n/a00
Treadway, RickFlag 29 y/o0
Waelti, BrandonFlag 19 y/o0
Weber, BradFlag n/a0
Winstrup, JohnFlag n/a000
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