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64th Australian Speedcar Championship 2005 standings

Championship points standings for the 64th Australian Speedcar Championship 2005

Most race winsFlag Steven Graham
Most podium positionsFlag Steven Graham
Flag Michael Pickens
Flag Dene McAllan
Most podium positions without a winFlag Michael Pickens
Flag Dene McAllan

Nationality of participating drivers

82.9%AustraliaFlag Hilton McGee, Steven Graham, Dene McAllan, Adam Clarke, Neville Lance, Scott Glazebrook, Mark Brown, Brett Morris, Troy Jordan, Dean Merrylees, Dave Lambert, Tom Watson, Michael Pope, Troy Jenkins, Darren Jenkins, Jamie Oldfield, Ken Stanaway, Vaughan Manders, Chris Gardiner, John Davidson, Aaron Holswich, Stuart Yates, Bart Curnow, Tim Evans, Robert Archibald, Ernie George Jr, Jason Roser, Peter Bourke, Craig Smith29
14.3%New ZealandFlag Michael Pickens, Matt Thompson, Bryce Townsend, Mark Cooper, Lance Beale5
2.9%U.S.A.Flag Tony Elliott1

Individual driver statistics for the 2005 64th Australian Speedcar Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Archibald, RobertFlag n/a10000
Beale, LanceFlag n/a1000
Bourke, PeterFlag n/a10000
Brown, MarkFlag n/a1000
Clarke, AdamFlag 30 y/o1000
Cooper, MarkFlag n/a1000
Curnow, BartFlag n/a10000
Davidson, JohnFlag n/a1000
Elliott, TonyFlag 44 y/o1000
Evans, TimFlag n/a10000
Gardiner, ChrisFlag n/a1000
George Jr, ErnieFlag n/a10000
Glazebrook, ScottFlag 22 y/o1000
Graham, StevenFlag n/a1110
Holswich, AaronFlag n/a1000
Jenkins, DarrenFlag n/a1000
Jenkins, TroyFlag n/a1000
Jordan, TroyFlag n/a1000
Lambert, DaveFlag n/a1000
Lance, NevilleFlag 46 y/o1000
Manders, VaughanFlag n/a1000
McAllan, DeneFlag n/a1010
McGee, HiltonFlag n/a10000
Merrylees, DeanFlag n/a1000
Morris, BrettFlag n/a1000
Oldfield, JamieFlag 24 y/o1000
Pickens, MichaelFlag 22 y/o1010
Pope, MichaelFlag n/a1000
Roser, JasonFlag n/a10000
Smith, CraigFlag n/a10000
Stanaway, KenFlag n/a10000
Thompson, MattFlag n/a1000
Townsend, BryceFlag 37 y/o1000
Watson, TomFlag n/a1000
Yates, StuartFlag n/a10000
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