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Australian Formula 500 Championship 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the Australian Formula 500 Championship 2020

Most race winsFlag Jock Goodyer
Most podium positionsFlag Jock Goodyer
Flag Liam Williams
Flag Tim Rankin
Most podium positions without a winFlag Liam Williams
Flag Tim Rankin
Most fastest race lapsFlag Jock Goodyer

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Jock Goodyer, Liam Williams, Tim Rankin, James Kennedy, Terry Rankin, Ash Sinclair, Danny Carroll, Kaydon Iverson, Josh Buckingham, Dion Bellman, Steven Bell, Ryan Okeefe, Lexi Underwood, Dale Sinclair, Cameron Jaenke, Riley Amato, Jett Speed, Steph Munn, Dylan Beveridge, Jordan Rae, Ryan Higgs, Hayden Pascoe, Leigh van Ginneken, Brock Rae, Josh Pokarier, Shane Van Duynhoven, Mathew Balcombe, Tim Randell, Richard Schmidt, Jack Bell, Kent McDonald, Adam Turner, Rob Rankin, Angus Campbell, Nathan Pryor, Brodie Davis, Declan Robinson, Mathew Turner, Tessa Underwood, James McDonald, Daniel Burleigh, Michael van Ginneken, Angus Hollis, Adam Burr, Steve Jabke, Roy Urpeth, Scott Leonhardt, Adam Garwood, Justin Bowen, Michael Pearson, Jess Moulden, Dylan Willsher, Darcy Giblin, Ash Clements, Brad Stell, Ben Telindert, Chris Bellman, Kurt Dunham58

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 Australian Formula 500 Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Amato, RileyFlag n/a10000
Balcombe, MathewFlag n/a10000
Bell, JackFlag n/a10000
Bell, StevenFlag n/a10000
Bellman, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Bellman, DionFlag 22 y/o10000
Beveridge, DylanFlag n/a10000
Bowen, JustinFlag n/a10000
Buckingham, JoshFlag n/a10000
Burleigh, DanielFlag n/a10000
Burr, AdamFlag n/a10000
Campbell, AngusFlag n/a10000
Carroll, DannyFlag n/a10000
Clements, AshFlag n/a00000
Davis, BrodieFlag n/a10000
Dunham, KurtFlag n/a10000
Garwood, AdamFlag n/a10000
Giblin, DarcyFlag n/a00000
Goodyer, JockFlag n/a11101
Higgs, RyanFlag n/a10000
Hollis, AngusFlag n/a10000
Iverson, KaydonFlag n/a10000
Jabke, SteveFlag n/a10000
Jaenke, CameronFlag n/a10000
Kennedy, JamesFlag n/a10000
Leonhardt, ScottFlag n/a10000
McDonald, JamesFlag n/a10000
McDonald, KentFlag n/a10000
Moulden, JessFlag 32 y/o10000
Munn, StephFlag n/a10000
Okeefe, RyanFlag n/a10000
Pascoe, HaydenFlag n/a10000
Pearson, MichaelFlag n/a10000
Pokarier, JoshFlag n/a10000
Pryor, NathanFlag n/a10000
Rae, BrockFlag n/a10000
Rae, JordanFlag n/a10000
Randell, TimFlag n/a10000
Rankin, RobFlag n/a10000
Rankin, TerryFlag n/a10000
Rankin, TimFlag 32 y/o10100
Robinson, DeclanFlag n/a10000
Schmidt, RichardFlag n/a10000
Sinclair, AshFlag n/a10000
Sinclair, DaleFlag n/a10000
Speed, JettFlag n/a10000
Stell, BradFlag n/a10000
Telindert, BenFlag n/a10000
Turner, AdamFlag n/a10000
Turner, MathewFlag n/a10000
Underwood, LexiFlag n/a10000
Underwood, TessaFlag n/a10000
Urpeth, RoyFlag n/a10000
Van Duynhoven, ShaneFlag n/a10000
van Ginneken, LeighFlag n/a10000
van Ginneken, MichaelFlag n/a10000
Williams, LiamFlag n/a10100
Willsher, DylanFlag n/a00000
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