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Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships 2020

Most race winsFlag Brett Milburn
Most podium positionsFlag Brett Milburn
Flag Jordyn Charge
Flag Charles Hunter
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jordyn Charge
Flag Charles Hunter
Most fastest race lapsFlag Jordyn Charge

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Brett Milburn, Jordyn Charge, Charles Hunter, Mark Caruso, Daniel Evans, Tim van Ginneken, Brenton Farrer, Christopher Solomon, Paul Solomon, Tony Moule, Ryan Davis, Phillip Lock, Chad Ely, Brett Smith, James Aranyosi, Brendan Guerin, John Vogels, Terry Pitt, David Murcott, Brayden Parr, Daniel Scott, Jarman Dalitz, Corey Sandow, Troy Hose, Jamie McInnes, Steven Loader, Kane Newcombe, Libby Ellis, Ricky Clarke, Ben Morris, Matthew Reed, Eddie Lumbar, Mitchell Smith, Scott Enderl, Domain Ramsay35

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Aranyosi, JamesFlag 28 y/o10000
Caruso, MarkFlag 37 y/o10000
Charge, JordynFlag 20 y/o10101
Clarke, RickyFlag 39 y/o10000
Dalitz, JarmanFlag n/a10000
Davis, RyanFlag n/a10000
Ellis, LibbyFlag n/a10000
Ely, ChadFlag 36 y/o10000
Enderl, ScottFlag n/a10000
Evans, DanielFlag n/a10000
Farrer, BrentonFlag n/a10000
Guerin, BrendanFlag 31 y/o10000
Hose, TroyFlag n/a10000
Hunter, CharlesFlag 38 y/o10100
Loader, StevenFlag n/a10000
Lock, PhillipFlag 46 y/o10000
Lumbar, EddieFlag 39 y/o10000
McInnes, JamieFlag n/a10000
Milburn, BrettFlag 42 y/o11100
Morris, BenFlag n/a10000
Moule, TonyFlag n/a10000
Murcott, DavidFlag 49 y/o10000
Newcombe, KaneFlag n/a10000
Parr, BraydenFlag 21 y/o10000
Pitt, TerryFlag 29 y/o10000
Ramsay, DomainFlag 49 y/o10000
Reed, MatthewFlag 45 y/o10000
Sandow, CoreyFlag n/a10000
Scott, DanielFlag n/a10000
Smith, BrettFlag n/a10000
Smith, MitchellFlag n/a10000
Solomon, ChristopherFlag 31 y/o10000
Solomon, PaulFlag 35 y/o10000
van Ginneken, TimFlag 34 y/o10000
Vogels, JohnFlag 50 y/o10000
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