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Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships 2013

Most race winsFlag Robbie Farr
Most podium positionsFlag Robbie Farr
Flag Luke Dillon
Flag Matthew Reed
Most podium positions without a winFlag Luke Dillon
Flag Matthew Reed
Most fastest race lapsFlag Robbie Farr

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Robbie Farr, Luke Dillon, Matthew Reed, Daniel Harding, Jason Kendrick, David Priolo, Tony Moule, Jason McIver, Keke Falland, Daniel Keen, Trent Pigdon, Chris Ackland, Allan Nash, Cory Gilpin, Terry Cutts, Nathan Peet, Brad Maiolo, Ryan Jones, Kris Coyle, Shane Heathcote, Owen Achee, Steven Lines, Dean Terry, Bill Stocks, Jake Beard-Miller, Ian Woods, Gavin Davis, Todd Davis, Ben Dickson, Chad Ely, Shaun Bradford, Tim Gardner, Darren Hickman, Kent Roberts, Stephen Adley, Gary Bielby, Phil Waters, Rod Snellin, Joshua Treasure, Nick Halkitis, Mark Wells41

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Achee, OwenFlag n/a10000
Ackland, ChrisFlag 46 y/o10000
Adley, StephenFlag n/a10000
Beard-Miller, JakeFlag n/a10000
Bielby, GaryFlag n/a10000
Bradford, ShaunFlag 27 y/o10000
Coyle, KrisFlag n/a10000
Cutts, TerryFlag n/a10000
Davis, GavinFlag n/a10000
Davis, ToddFlag n/a10000
Dickson, BenFlag n/a10000
Dillon, LukeFlag 32 y/o10100
Ely, ChadFlag 29 y/o10000
Falland, KekeFlag n/a10000
Farr, RobbieFlag 39 y/o11101
Gardner, TimFlag n/a10000
Gilpin, CoryFlag n/a10000
Halkitis, NickFlag n/a10000
Harding, DanielFlag n/a10000
Heathcote, ShaneFlag n/a10000
Hickman, DarrenFlag n/a10000
Jones, RyanFlag 28 y/o10000
Keen, DanielFlag n/a10000
Kendrick, JasonFlag n/a10000
Lines, StevenFlag 29 y/o10000
Maiolo, BradFlag n/a10000
McIver, JasonFlag n/a10000
Moule, TonyFlag n/a10000
Nash, AllanFlag n/a10000
Peet, NathanFlag n/a10000
Pigdon, TrentFlag n/a10000
Priolo, DavidFlag n/a10000
Reed, MatthewFlag 38 y/o10100
Roberts, KentFlag n/a10000
Snellin, RodFlag n/a10000
Stocks, BillFlag n/a10000
Terry, DeanFlag n/a10000
Treasure, JoshuaFlag n/a10000
Waters, PhilFlag n/a10000
Wells, MarkFlag 42 y/o10000
Woods, IanFlag n/a10000
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