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Speedshift TV Atomic Blast Invitational 410 Sprintcars 2020 standings

Race results for Speedshift TV Atomic Blast Invitational 410 Sprintcars 2020

1.Flag Cole Duncan
2.Flag Chad Kemenah
Fastest lap
3.Flag Max StambaughXXX
4.Flag Brinton Marvel
5.Flag Bryan NucklesBryan Nuckles Racing
6.Flag Brandon WimmerMaxim
7.Flag Tyler CourtneyClauson/Marshall Racing
8.Flag Jac HaudenschildHaudenschild Racing
9.Flag Danny SmithDanny Smith Racing
10.Flag Cale ConleyRavici RacingMaxim
11.Flag Dale Blaney
12.Flag Jordan Ryan
13.Flag C J LearyLeary Racing
14.Flag Josh Davis
15.Flag Skylar Gee
16.Flag Stuart Brubaker
17.Flag Tyler Street
18.Flag Adam Cruea
19.Flag Brandon Conkel
20.Flag Nate Reeser
21.Flag Ricky Peterson Jr
22.Flag Todd Kane
23.Flag Justin GrantTOPP Motorsports
24.Flag John Ivy
25.Flag R J Jacobs
26.Flag Henry Malcuit
27.Flag Jake Hesson
28.Flag Cale Stinson
29.Flag Charlie Vest
Flag Jimmy Stinson
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