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Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ASCS Sooner Region championship 2002 standings

Championship points standings for the Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ASCS Sooner Region championship 2002

Most race winsFlag Jamie Passmore
Flag Garry Lee Maier
Most podium positionsFlag Larry Neighbors
Flag Kevin Risley
Flag Jamie Passmore
Flag Marcus Jackson
Flag Garry Lee Maier
Flag Tim Crawley
Most podium positions without a winFlag Larry Neighbors
Flag Kevin Risley
Flag Marcus Jackson
Flag Tim Crawley

Nationality of participating drivers

97.6%U.S.A.Flag Randi Miller, Danny Jennings, Larry Neighbors, Joe Wood, Foster Landon, Kevin Risley, Steve Ochs, Jeff Garnett, Robert Sellers, Cody Branchcomb, Roy Larkin, Loyd Clevenger, Joe Bustillos, James Shoun, Brian Bishop, Derek Drown, Nigel Calvert, Mitchell Moore, Larry Howery, Marcus Jackson, Jamie Passmore, Larry Ball Jr, Eric Miller, Travis Scott, Stephanie Chappell, Joel Howard, Kyle Martin, Zach Chappell, B J Baze, Jason Martin, Jerry Stone, Dennis Park, Abe Sherwood, Toby Brown, Kevin Pickard, Brian Hatlestad, Johnny Kent, Bubba Coston, Jesse Hockett, Mike Dreiling, Cody Salem, Kirby Hagans, Steve King, Mike Peters, Patrick Bourke, C J Johnson, J D Johnson, Bryan Jamison, Joe McCarthy, Brian Herbert, Tony Bruce Jr., Jace Pennetta, Jack Wallace, Luke Cranston, A J Selenke, John Blurton, Brett Ream, Mike Woodruff, Ray Seemann, Paige Lee, Rod Kent, Jimmy Taylor, Garry Lee Maier, Tim Crawley, Mike Ward, Sean McClelland, Michael Dupuy, Wayne Pennington, Rick Behr, Stan Henry, Steve Henry, Kerry McAlister, Cale Levescy, Whit Gastineau, Cody Wampler, Leland Hicks, Joe Farley, Jeff Shaddock, Gary Owens, Kevin Rowland, Brandon Rogers, Claud Estes III, Rodney Brown83
2.4%AustraliaFlag Gavin Punch, Brooke Tatnell2

Individual driver statistics for the 2002 Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ASCS Sooner Region championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ball Jr, LarryFlag n/a10000
Baze, B JFlag 23 y/o2000
Behr, RickFlag 38 y/o1000
Bishop, BrianFlag n/a000
Blurton, JohnFlag n/a0
Bourke, PatrickFlag 29 y/o0
Branchcomb, CodyFlag n/a2000
Brown, RodneyFlag n/a000
Brown, TobyFlag 25 y/o2000
Bruce Jr., TonyFlag 17 y/o0
Bustillos, JoeFlag n/a1000
Calvert, NigelFlag n/a000
Chappell, StephanieFlag n/a2000
Chappell, ZachFlag 20 y/o2000
Clevenger, LoydFlag n/a000
Coston, BubbaFlag n/a10000
Cranston, LukeFlag 21 y/o0
Crawley, TimFlag 32 y/o1010
Dreiling, MikeFlag 33 y/o0
Drown, DerekFlag 31 y/o20000
Dupuy, MichaelFlag 23 y/o1000
Estes III, ClaudFlag 39 y/o000
Farley, JoeFlag n/a0000
Garnett, JeffFlag n/a20000
Gastineau, WhitFlag n/a000
Hagans, KirbyFlag n/a0
Hatlestad, BrianFlag n/a10000
Henry, StanFlag n/a10000
Henry, SteveFlag n/a10000
Herbert, BrianFlag n/a0
Hicks, LelandFlag n/a0000
Hockett, JesseFlag 18 y/o2000
Howard, JoelFlag n/a20000
Howery, LarryFlag 32 y/o000
Jackson, MarcusFlag n/a2010
Jamison, BryanFlag 39 y/o0
Jennings, DannyFlag 27 y/o2000
Johnson, C JFlag 22 y/o0
Johnson, J DFlag n/a0
Kent, JohnnyFlag 21 y/o0000
Kent, RodFlag n/a10000
King, SteveFlag 29 y/o0
Landon, FosterFlag n/a2000
Larkin, RoyFlag n/a2000
Lee, PaigeFlag n/a0
Levescy, CaleFlag n/a000
Maier, Garry LeeFlag 42 y/o1110
Martin, JasonFlag 20 y/o1000
Martin, KyleFlag n/a10000
McAlister, KerryFlag n/a10000
McCarthy, JoeFlag 45 y/o0
McClelland, SeanFlag 27 y/o1000
Miller, EricFlag 22 y/o10000
Miller, RandiFlag 35 y/o0
Moore, MitchellFlag n/a000
Neighbors, LarryFlag 30 y/o1010
Ochs, SteveFlag 47 y/o20000
Owens, GaryFlag n/a000
Park, DennisFlag n/a1000
Passmore, JamieFlag 26 y/o2110
Pennetta, JaceFlag 38 y/o0
Pennington, WayneFlag n/a1000
Peters, MikeFlag 50 y/o0
Pickard, KevinFlag n/a10000
Punch, GavinFlag 39 y/o2000
Ream, BrettFlag n/a0
Risley, KevinFlag 38 y/o2010
Rogers, BrandonFlag n/a000
Rowland, KevinFlag n/a0000
Salem, CodyFlag n/a0
Scott, TravisFlag n/a10000
Seemann, RayFlag n/a0
Selenke, A JFlag n/a0
Sellers, RobertFlag n/a2000
Shaddock, JeffFlag n/a000
Sherwood, AbeFlag 41 y/o1000
Shoun, JamesFlag 40 y/o2000
Stone, JerryFlag n/a1000
Tatnell, BrookeFlag 30 y/o0000
Taylor, JimmyFlag n/a10000
Wallace, JackFlag n/a0
Wampler, CodyFlag 22 y/o0000
Ward, MikeFlag 46 y/o1000
Wood, JoeFlag n/a0
Woodruff, MikeFlag 39 y/o0
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